Back in Black — September 30 Contest Recap

Sep30 Contest Officials

Last night was our club contest!

Contest Chair James and his Awards Manager Be organized a “Men in Black” theme with tons of stories, comedy, and laughs. Jokes aside, it was a well-planned contest with several members and guests from local clubs picking up roles. Special thanks to Andrew who served as our Chief Judge and Rose as our Sergeant at Arms.

Our Humorous Speech and Table Topics contestants will all be advancing to the Area-level Contest on the evening of Fri Oct. 16 at Metro Hall. Come out and support them!

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See you on October 7!

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Throw away your potatoes! — September 23 Meeting Recap


We challenge you: buy a bag of potatoes, then carry it with you everywhere you go — to work, to see a client, on a date, to sleep. The next day, report to us how you feel!

Be, as Toastmaster, used this metaphor to describe the mental potatoes, or excuses and negative thoughts, we carry around every day, which weigh us down. She encouraged us all to “throw away our potatoes” and move forward with a positive mindset. Performing her 8th speech using visual aids, Jackie “shook our way to health” by demonstrating her secret recipe in making a tasty smoothie with just seven ingredients: milk, fruit, oil, fibre, vitamin C, energy, and protein powder, to fill us up for hours.

Our Area 27 Director Dorothy came by and gave a guest speech on how leading with “super glue” tendencies will enhance team building and result in more opportunities. Finally, Casandra won Table Topics with her speech on family potlucks — perfect for Thanksgiving!



Casandra TT

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See you on the 30th!

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Summer Memories

Summer may soon be “officially” over, but the memories from our summer party will always live on…

Party 01

As tradition, Liberty Village Toastmasters hosts a summer party and a winter party every year. Each year, there is lots of talking and fun involved. This year was no exception: not only did existing members and their guests show up, some past members paid us a visit that wonderful night. It was held on Saturday June 13th in a condo party room close to our regular meeting spot.

James has organized a successful party, with help from a team in decorating, cooking and grilling, cleaning, and engagement of guests and members. The night was full of surprises – from Table Topics Charades, to chocolate covered strawberries and homemade chocolate flowers, to sparklers for Karoline.

The old executive team made their remarks and welcomed the new team. Everyone congratulated those who made our club a Distinguished Toastmasters Club once again, and listened intently to the exciting new goals for next year.

Welcome 2015-2016!

Party 02

Party 03

Party 04

Party 05

Party 06

Party 07

Party 08

Party 09

Party 10

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Waste Not, Want Not — September 16 Meeting Recap

Have you ever bought something you later regretted?

In this first meeting of the fall season, Toastmaster Mark encouraged us to “Waste Not, Want Not” by giving us three good tips on how to prevent buying what you don’t need. Guest Nikita from District 86 stepped in as Grammarian, providing a word related to the theme (reusable), before Maxim inspired us to make our dreams reality by outlining three steps for each of our goals: plan it, time it, and pay for it.

Next, Andrew entertained us with his interpretation of a scene from Death of a Salesman, while Guest Speaker Preet presented a thorough comparison of big companies (IBM and RBC) and start ups (Uber). Finally, Des led a diverse set of one-word Table Topics, with topics ranging from diamonds to computers to imagination. Mark came away as the big winner with his speech against smoking.

Next week, our Area Governor will be visiting us (and giving a guest speech). Come out and join us!



TT Mark

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See you on the 23rd!

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Invest in the future YOU

Back to the Future

Take a moment to think about the future. No, not flying cars and hoverboards, the future YOU. What do you look like? What are you doing? Are you a presenter, a speaker, a leader?

When you’re a member of Liberty Village Toastmasters, you’re not just investing in you — you’re investing in the future you. No matter where you are in your Toastmasters journey, whether you’re just starting out, struggling to gain momentum, or searching for new inspiration, there will always be a future you to aim for. You CAN be a polished presenter, a confident speaker, and a respected leader, because the future you has already done it!

Join Liberty Village Toastmasters and invest in the future you.

“Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do. If you’ve got talent, and you’ve maximized your talent, you’ve got a tremendous asset that can return ten-fold.” – Warren Buffet

For more info on attending our next meeting as a guest, click here.

See you on the 16th!

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