Liberty Village Toastmasters meeting summary – January 19

Our January 19 Toastmasters meeting was chock-full of fun and information. Toastmaster Vivienne told us about the inspirational “3 A’s of Awesome”. The concept was developed by a blogger, who during the darkest time in his life, dug deep to come up with ways to see life’s wonderful moments through attitude, awareness and authenticity. The attitude is how you take on life’s challenges. Through awareness you should embrace your inner child and remember how you saw things for the first time. Finally, be authentic with what you love the most – just like the hulking football player Roosevelt “Rosey” Grier did when he was true to himself and followed his heart and pursued needlepoint.
Simon was the only speaker of the night. He did a really great job with his interpretive reading of a poignant scene from “The Sweet Hereafter” in which a lawyer travelling on a plane recalls a terrifying childhood moment of his drug addicted daughter when he had to save her from a spider bite. Kudos to Lily for playing the supportive role of the fellow passenger. Simon recited his part expressing to us the fear and discomfort of a parent forced to perform emergency tracheotomy on his own child. You could certainly hear a needle drop when he made this passionate delivery. Well done Simon!

The second half of the meeting was a workshop on the ingredients to developing a great speech. This version of Liberty Village style TED Talks, was led by our Advanced Speaker Ted, and it did not disappoint. We had a great turn out — close to a dozen new guests, in addition to our members. Everyone agreed the workshop was worthwhile. A lot of people took copious notes and some of our guests admitted they learned a lot from the workshop. Great presentation Ted! We’re looking forward to more high calibre workshops.

The meeting concluded with the reports from our General Evaluator Kevin and his team. Despite a slightly longer meeting, there was an overwhelming sentiment that it was an outstanding meeting.
Looking forward to the next meeting


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