Liberty Village Toastmasters meeting summary – February 16

girl crossing her armsWe kicked off the February 16 Toastmaster meeting by inducting six new members – a club first! Welcome Rolando, Michael, Keith, Tonia, Ali and Francisco!

Toastmaster Simon seamlessly bridged the evening’s theme of body language nicely with last week’s pronunciation theme. He also demonstrated why we should project positive body language.

Keith was the first of three featured speakers. His speech was from “Competent Communication Manual number 4”. Titled “If I had 87 billion dollars”, Keith explained the electricity economic crisis faced by the Ontario government. The topic really piqued our attention and Keith’s delivery was really good and natural.

The next speaker Hazel got immediate attention by offering chocolates to the group and directly got to the point of “Competent Communication Manual 3” by announcing “Valentine’s Day, It’s Here to Stay”. Point well taken!

Finally Vivienne presented her speech from “Competent Manual 4” by explaining how her six year brother allows her to see the world through his eyes. The speech titled “The Trials and Tribulation of a 6 year-old” showcased Vivienne’s talent of using a conversational tone in her speech.

Our Table Topics winner was Julian, who told us what he looks for in friends. Well done for a second Table Topics win in a row!

The Liberty Village club level speech and evaluation contest will take place instead of the regularly scheduled format of our meetings on February 23. Looking forward to seeing you there! Check out our website for further details!

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