Liberty Village Toastmasters meeting summary – May 11

Our May 11th meeting started with the induction of our newest member
Roberto – welcome to the club!

Navita then introduced the theme of the evening – “Simple Sounds”.
She described how she missed hearing the pitter patter of raindrops
tapping her umbrella on her way to work and reminded us of the
wonderfully simple sounds that surround us in spring time.

Onto our first prepared speech of the evening – Arvind stimulated our
sense of smell with a LIVE cooking demonstration of the traditional
Indian rice dish Pulao. Made with basmati rice and a blend of spices,
the fragrance filled the room.

With our senses dazzled by wondrous sounds and smells, Frank persuaded
with power by pointing out numerous shortcomings to the 2011 Census.
He said that it is inconceivable that our government has done such a poor
job administrating the census. And who could argue?!

If anyone has not had a good look at their investment
portfolios lately, our third speaker Eric made a poignant case why real estate is
more precious than metals. The audience was highly engaged and
asked a lot of questions during the Q&A portion of the speech.

Last but not least Michelle got comfortable with visual aids in her
8th speech and tapped into her humours aura tackling the question
“Does size really matter?” In her speech, Michelle explained how the
monstrosity of the Motorola Syntac 8000x trumps every tagline in the
original 1987 movie Wall Street.

We want to thank Luke’s dad for providing him with the material to an
amusing table topics story about getting a good night’s sleep in London.
Congratulations also to Rolando for successfully filling the role of GE for the first time.
Another accomplished meeting everyone. Hope to see you at Wednesday’s meeting!


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