Liberty Village Toastmasters meeting summary – November 09th, 2011

In tonight’s meeting, Toastmaster Andreea discussed EFFICENY. She told us about the Parado Principle often known as the rule of 80/20 and how we can increase our efficiency by putting in 20% effort and getting 80% results and in some cases upwards to 200%. She also mentioned that there are many fine books on the topic.

Our first speaker, Rose, completed her fourth speech from the Competent Communications manual. She talked about the joys a warm cup of tea would bring on a cold winter night, and the history/believed origins of tea, the many health benefits it reaps, and the various types of tea. She also incorporated our senses with a box of pu’er tea and fresh made shortbread style cookies featuring the bergamot flavour of Earl Grey tea.

Our second speaker tonight, Francisco, presented his seventh speech from the CC manual. In this speech, he talked about the believed end of the world, which is said to occur on 12/21/2012. He shared with us the origins of this belief – the Mayan calendar and it’s unique numbering system based on a 20 base set and discussed that after 12/21/12, there will be no more days in this calendar. However, he believes that, like the Y2K scare, the calendar will reset itself, and the world would (hopefully) not end.

Our last speaker Vivienne also spoke from the CC manual giving us her ninth speech. She began her speech by reciting a poem that spoke to the change of language in our society. She shared with us her observations that our language seems to be disappearing, and is seemingly being replaced by text speak and colloquial language. Vivienne persuaded with power that we should be aware of our use of language and grammar when speaking to others, especially new English speakers.

Table Topics Master Ted created five questions based on the theme for tonight, Efficiency. Jay was the winner tonight. When asked how he would efficiently complete his long list of tasks on Saturday, he responded unexpectedly that he will drop all planned tasks and watch the UFC match instead.

………Until next time 🙂

– Rose

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Liberty Village Toastmasters is one of Toronto’s premier public-speaking groups.
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