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AREA 27 INTERNATIONAL SPEECH & EVALUATION CONTESTS 2017 Our club is pleased to host the Area 27 – International and Evaluation contests on Wednesday, March 1, 2017. 5 clubs will be competing for the best speaker and evaluator in the area! Doors will be closed … Continue reading

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Being Authentic – February 22 Meeting Recap

Just be yourself.  We hear this often but it is so contradicting when everyone else is telling we should be this and that.  First time toastmaster Bina spoke about being authentic.  It takes courage to keep it real but the pay off … Continue reading

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Change – February 17’s Meeting Recap

Most people do the same things over and over again, but expect different results. Toastmaster Bob reminded us that things will not change unless you do.  If you want things in your life to change, you need to change things … Continue reading

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Discover your Strengths! Feb 8 Meeting Recap

Toastmaster Be carried out the meeting with the theme focused on strengths.  It starts by discovering our own strengths, which we did by examining Richard and Sarah‘s top 3 strengths.  For Sarah, it was about wooing, having command and being responsible of course.  We … Continue reading

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Olga Sannikov – Test Speaker at Shellbusters’ club contest, Feb 3

Just go and do it! That’s all you need to know to go after your goals.  Olga certainly demonstrated it when she got out of comfort zone and stepped into the light as a test speaker at Shellbusters’ club contest.  This … Continue reading

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