Guide: Evaluator



Taking on this role improves active listening, critical thinking and positive feedback skills.

Evaluation is the heart of the Toastmasters educational program. You observe the speeches and leadership roles of your fellow club members and offer evaluations of their efforts, and they do the same for you. As evaluator you:


  • Ask those that you have been assigned to evaluate what they will present and what they wish to achieve before the meeting starts.


  • You will be called upon twice within the meeting by the General Evaluator. Once at the beginning to explain your role and the criteria you will be evaluating for the speaker. The second time will be at the end for your evaluation.


  • Provide objective verbal and written evaluations for speakers.


  • When giving any evaluation, offer praise as well as constructive criticism.


  • Listen and take notes on the speech


  • HINT: Start with broad positive observations, lead into what could be improved and end with specific strong positive observations.


  • It is also helpful to speak to your speaker at the end of the meeting to clarify any thoughts.
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