Discover your Strengths! Feb 8 Meeting Recap

Toastmaster Be carried out the meeting with the theme focused on strengths.  It starts by discovering our own strengths, which we did by examining Richard and Sarah‘s top 3 strengths.  For Sarah, it was about wooing, having command and being responsible of course.  We based this on strength finders:

Our three speakers, Bina, Alex and James explored strengths in different angles. Both Bina and Alex were doing their Ice breakers.

Bina spoke about her recent discovery of herself as an extrovert, after living most of her life as a misdiagnosed introvert. Opening herself to new experiences and people, she is embracing her new true self.  It was exciting her to speak as she stood proudly, smiling and radiantly in own her skin.

Then, Alex, showed us how to us to say yes to a zestful life.  She certainty does not do things half way, already a contestant and speaking on her first official meeting.

Lastly, James shared an ultimate secret to success, which is capitalizing on our strengths and building alliances with others.  This is called the mastermind (a term coined by Napoleon Hill).

We also inducted three new members.  Perhaps they know a secret or two about strengthening themselves (i.e. joining toastmaster?).

After our break, Wes led our table topics session with energetic and thought provoking questions.  Congrats Devin for being our table topics winner!

Connecting and summarizing it all: when we discover our strengths, mastermind with others, and say yes to your dreams, we can lead a zestful life!





Welcome new members! Alex, Jueun and Camila

Alex, Jueun and Camila (in the middle between Be and Wes)


This week’s winner: our guest, Devin!

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Olga Sannikov – Test Speaker at Shellbusters’ club contest, Feb 3


Just go and do it! That’s all you need to know to go after your goals.  Olga certainly demonstrated it when she got out of comfort zone and stepped into the light as a test speaker at Shellbusters’ club contest.  This year, be like Olga and just go for it!

Thank you Olga for representing our club!

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International Contest Recap

International Contest Recap:

Feb 1 2017 was a night of fun and passion- and our International Speech Contest! Thank you everyone for making it such a fun evening. Our wonderful competition Chair Mireille Tchatchouang ran the show without a hitch. DSC09379.JPG

Our International Speech contest was first, with Bob Stewart and Mark Pilkington going head to head. In the end, Mark won for his third year in a row. Congratulations Mark!



Next was the Evaluation Contest. Everyone began by having their seats set on fire and minds blown by a powerful speech by Kelly Parke. Thank you Kelly for bringing your A-game. It will not be forgotten.


Our Evaluation Contest Speakers faced off in a 7 way battle. The results were as follows: 3rd place – Mark Pilkington, 2nd place- Wes Vick, and 1st place – John Krissilas.


A big and special thanks to all the Judges, Speakers, and volunteers, this contest couldn’t have happened without you!

The next round, the Area Contest, is in about a month, hosted by Liberty Village Toastmasters!


Sushi always

See you next week, or at sushi!

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Compound Effects – Meeting Recap January 25th 2017

Meeting Recap January 25th 2017

We had a busy and fun meeting, and if you were a lucky attendee, you definitely had a good time! Our Toastmaster James started us off with a speech about the compound effect, which was very motivating, and got us fired up and ready to run!



Our Evaluation Guru Andrew led an informative and interactive workshop on giving a great evaluation! Thanks Andrew!

We also had a lot of “volunteers”  for Table Topics, led by Bina for the first time.

Our first time guest Jaden came away with a winning speech! Congrats!!!!


Our Winner!



Don’t miss it, or you’ll be full of regret!

See you next week!

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FEB 1, 2017 International and Evaluation Contests (Club Level)

We’re excited to host our International and Evaluation contests (club level) on Wednesday, February 1, 2017.

Doors will be closed at 6:30 PM.

Contestants and volunteers, please come at 6:00 PM to be briefed.  Any contestant arriving late (after 6:15 PM) will be disqualified

Members and guests who do not have a role, please come at 6:15 PM or before our door closes at 6:30 PM. If you are late, you will be asked to wait until our break to join.

This is a day you would not want to miss. Competition is going to be fierce but fun. 

Contest details:

Date:  Wednesday, February 1, 2017 at 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Location:  our usual meeting location – Assembly Room C at the Waterfront Neighbourhood Centre, located at 627 Queens Quay West at Bathurst St., Toronto.

See you all there!

Contests hosted by contest chair – Mireille and chief judge – Be. 


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