Resiliency – November 23, 2016’s Meeting Recap

Returning member, John Kjarsgaard, was our host this meeting.  As a toastmaster, he shared his story of resiliency with his past employment.  Despite of going through a series of unfortunate layoffs and events, John accepted his situation and bounced back again and again. Clearly, an excellent example of resiliency!

We had two speakers: Lydia and John Kjarsgaard.  Lydia got us thinking out about our consumption of genetically modified organism (GMO).  Some studies suggest that GMO can be harmful but actual scientific research is lacking.  For this reason, Lydia encouraged us to advocate for more research to be done so we as citizens can make informed decision with GMO before it is too late.

Speaker John Kjarsgaard spoke about his first date with the lady of his life.  Like a prince in the 21st century, he had to go through several obstacles before meeting his princess.  This included travelling 12,558km, dealing with customs and luggage issues, boating over the typhoon, confronting obnoxious taxi drivers and finally overcoming his skeptical thoughts.  Was it all worth it? Certainly he would say, as he is now happily married.

Then, we had Stanley, leading the tabletopics session, where he gave everyone a chance to share their stories about various topics.    Wes got our vote with his ‘almost third place’ experience.  Another demonstration of resiliency!   Congrats Wes!

Next meeting, Be will be our toastmasters with three speakers: Jose, Louise Guo and Wes.




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Creativity – November 16, 2017 Meeting Recap

Toastmaster Maria led a meeting filled with creativity!  She encouraged us to take action, whenever we feel ‘stuck’.  Developing a skill or achieving any goal is not a linear process.  For example, the best way to cure a writer’s block is just to write.  Eventually, your ideas will transform into a great work.

We then heard from James, who gave a persuasive speech on the habit loop.  He simplified the habit process in 3 parts: cue, routine and rewards.   Once you understand the process, you can develop or break any habit!

Our debate chair, Wes held another entertaining episode of debates. And of course, we ended the meeting with a tabletopic session, which was held by James.  This time, we had a three way tie!

Congrats Bob, Jill and our guest Jueun!



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Emulate – November 9, 2016’s Meeting Recap

This meeting, we had two special guests from Keynote Speakers Advanced Toastmasters club: 1) Maria Racelis, president of Keynote Speakers and founder of Share, Love and Celebrate Speakers Series and 2) Ron Tsang, a communication expert and author of ‘from presentations to standing ovation’.

The meeting opened with our induction of two members: Bina and Jose, which we all happily voted in.  Welcome Bina and Jose!

Our toastmasters James reminded us that we all can succeed in anything through the process of emulation.  Model the good habits of successful people and we too can succeed!

We were privileged to hear Ron’s workshop on ‘how to connect with any audience’. His workshop deserved our standing ovation as we gained access to valuable insights on becoming powerful speakers.

Our meeting ended with an entertaining tabletopics session,  led by Bob. We heard several enlightened messages, but it was Wes’s message on his powerful pen that came up on top.  Congrats Wes!






Next meeting, our newly inducted members, Bina and Jose will be breaking the ice with their first speech!

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You’re invited!! November 9, 2016’s meeting:


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Meeting Nov 2 2016

Good evening everyone,

Just a fun recap of last weeks meeting for anyone who missed out.

Bob, our Toastmaster of the evening started us off right, with a rousing speech on taking big tasks on, one step at a time.

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We then had a double Louise kind of night, where Louise G spoke to us about coming from a privileged life and school in Taiwan, and experiencing and overcoming extreme difficulty  and culture shock when immigrating to Canada. Louise was amazing and caused more than a few tears in the room. Great speech Louise! 

Next, Louise Bark informed us about TTC safety, specifying on wheelchairs and strollers,  and how it affects us all. This was a great second crack at her speech, working on perfection already. Thanks Louise B!

Lastly, but not least, Jill took us on a journey about boundaries. She told us a story about learning how to say NO! and standing up for ourselves. Well done Jill.

Olga led her first Table Topics session, and it was full of thrills and chills and fantastic questions. Great job Olga! And congrats to our winner of the night, Cara! 

See you Wednesday!

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