September 14 – Humorous and Table Topics Contests

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Law of Retaliation – September 14 Meeting Recap

It’s natural for us to react to life, returning like for like. That is responding to kindness with kindness and cruelty with cruelty. However, Toastmaster Bob challenge us to go against this instinct. Next time when someone wrongs you, respond with kindness. Try it and you will be amazed of how things will turn out to your favour!

This philosophy was certainly embraced by our speakers.

When Dave graduated during the time of high unemployment, what did he do? He invested into a coffee shop, travelled to several countries and met the girl of his dream. Indeed, he is ‘living’ his life.

When the electricity was out, how did Stanley respond? He didn’t cry like you know who would. He did the best of what he could. Took care of his health and went to bed early.

And Andrew? Andrew went against the common myth. The myth that leadership is about the title and power. He taught us that leadership is about relationship and credibility. Anyone can be a leader. We just need develop the right qualities.  The 4 qualities he mentioned include: forward-looking, inspiring, competence and honesty (FICH).

Congrats to our guest Mireille for winning table topics!

The message is clear: Life is what you make of it not what was given to you.

Don’t forget. This week, we’re hosting our club contests!!!

Humorous and Tabletopics contests
Hosts: Mohammed and James
Chief Judge: Karoline

Contestants, and volunteers, please arrive at 6:00 pm to be briefed.


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September 7 Meeting Location

Since Waterfront Community Centre is closed this week, today’s meeting (September 7) will be held at Fort York Library.

Meeting starts at 6:30 pm

190 Fort York Boulevard, Toronto, ON
M5V 0E7

Main Intersection: Bathurst and Fort York Blvd.
It is just 8 min walk from Waterfront Community centre (our usual meeting location).

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Labour day’s Resolution- August 31 Meeting Recap

Happy Labour day! Time to review, refocus and revitalize. Toastmaster Maria encouraged us to get back on track and finish the fourth quarter with pride.

This message was echoed throughout the meeting.

We had 3 speakers, each with a memorable story and message. Cara shared her experience with living in three cities.  After exploring the natural beauty of New Jersey, harsh winters of Chicago and the fast pace of New York, she realized that home is where the heart is at.

Olga discussed ways to replace our common bad habits such as overeating and smoking, which we are sure all of us are guilty of.  And Luke, inspired us to get out our comfort zone just like what he did with his 10 km challenge. He reinforced the message: get started, keep at it, and finish strong!

Finally, Dave held a fun tabletopics session with various topics. In the end, we were impressed by two members: Maria with her contradicting feelings for diamond and Bob’s confident in Ogopogo over Sasquatch. Congrats Maria and Bob!

Next meeting, Bob is our toastmaster.
Theme: The Law of Retaliation
3 speakers: Dave (his Icebreaker!), Stanley, and Andrew



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The Power of Music – August 24 Meeting Recap

Toastmaster Andrew led a meeting of rituals. First we bowed to the power of music, then followed the official contest rules with tabletopics.

From Bob, we learned that sometimes we unintentionally create a barrier between ourselves and our goals by physically hiding behind objects. So don’t hide behind the lectern, step forward, open up, and opportunities will come!

Congrats to Luke for his awesome tabletopics speech! He came up on top from at least 10 contestants. Definitely awe-inspiring! Let’s all bow to him as well.

Next meeting, Maria will be our toastmaster.

Speakers: Cara (her ice breaker!), Olga and Luke.

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