‘Getting a job’ – May 17, 2017 Meeting Recap

As promised, this week’s meeting was just as exciting as our election.  We had another full meeting, including a new member induction, 3 prepared speeches (each earning a standing ovation) and a Table topics session.

To start off, our first time Toastmaster, Camila revealed her secrets for getting a job.  All we need is a goal and determination. Well, of course it wasn’t easy but if we persist just like her, we will land your dream job too.


IMG_1536This week, we inducted 2 new members: Andre and John.  Welcome Andre and John!

Our first speaker Heidi presented her ice breaker.  She shared a few interesting facts about herself including the first time she met her fiance.  Her Canadian and Dutch identities influenced her personality and values.  Although she ended up doing something entirely different than what she expected, she is still quite an achiever. Just to name a few, completing Biomedical Sciences at the University of Waterloo, running a business and being a responsible role model for her 3 siblings.

Her 10 year old self may be disappointed but we are impressed.  And who knows maybe she will achieve those 3 goals one day. Perhaps when she retires, she can be a cat breeder and a painter while living in Mars?  Whatever she ends up doing,  we are confident that she`ll be awesome at it.

3 Speakers: Heidi, Bob (with the ice and cup) and James.


The next two speakers completed their advanced bronze level (10th advanced speeches) . With their expertise and experience, they taught us something worth knowing and even gave us homework to do.  Truly great teachers..

From Bob, we learned that it’s a myth.  Is Global warming a problem, or is it plastic? What is the real problem?  Do your homework and find out.

A little more than a year ago,  Bob new year’s resolution was to work on his public speaking skills. and unlike most, he followed through.  He completed both CC and advanced bronze level and he did exceptionally well through them.

Bob always educate and entertain us from his vast knowledge in history, biographies and global affairs.  Congrats Bob! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and thought provoking ideas. You also showed us that you walked your talk.

Our third speaker was James.  This time he wasn`t selling us anything…  Phew..Or was he? Find out here.

Our assignment from him was to call our loved ones and tell them how much we appreciate them.  Awww… It takes a final speech to find out this side of James eh?

Congratulation James for completing the advanced bronze! Two weeks ago, James also completed his cc. This certainly takes tremendous dedication.   It was quite a marathon, speaking almost every week to complete 20 speeches. But just like what Olga said, he did it! And remarkably, James did!

We are proud of our speakers for going through the toastmaster journey by taking the courage to start or finishthe manual.

IMG_1568Finally, our table topics session was led by Dave.  He got us to work on our articulation, giving us topics to debate or ponder about.  Our guest Tom, won us over, by cleverly answering the question of which are more valuable, pets or babies?  Congrats Tom!

IMG_1573Beautiful weather this Wednesday…and yet we choose to be inside with our members.

Next meeting, Saad will be presenting his Ice Breaker and Luke focusing on body language.

Don’t forget to do your homework!  Otherwise you may not be allowed to attend next meeting (enforced by our current President).

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‘Because we care’ – May 10th Election Day Meeting Recap

Happy Mother’s day!  This week, we dedicated our meeting to thanked those who have cared for us, including our mothers and mentors. Mothers or anyone who have made a difference to our lives are real leaders who care. As Be’s mother said, ‘life is better when you care.’

Care enough, we can turn our lives around, care enough, we can make a difference in someone’s life, and care enough, we can be great leaders.

Thank you to all the members who have cared for this club.  This club is better because of you.

IMG_1466We listened attentively while our new elected President Wes spoke.


We are proud to welcome our new team commencing July 1, 2017:

Camila as our VP of membership

Wes our President

Sarah our VP of Education

Amanda our Secretary/Assistant of VP of Education

Olga our Sergeant of Arms

Heidi our VP of Public Relations


To complete the meeting, Be lead the Table Topics session, asking members to give toast to other members in congratulating on their life mile stones (including first son, graduation and getting a driver’s license).  In the end, we had two winners!  Congrats Alex and Silvio!

IMG_1531Cheers to our growing family!

Next meeting will be just as eventful as Camila will be hosting with 3 speakers (Heidi, Bob and James).

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The Power of Why – May 3, 2017 Meeting Recap


Toastmaster Catarina encouraged us to ask questions, particularly questions that transform us.  Questions starting with why.  ‘How’ is easy to find but why is what empowers us.  The answers to why questions give us purpose and reasons.  Next time, dig deep and ask yourself why?

This week we had 3 inspiring speeches:  2 came from project 10 (inspire your audience) and 1 from the third project (get to the point), which was equally as powerful.

It was indeed an exciting week as our club gained not 1, not 2, not even 3, but 5 new members!


President Be with 5 new members (Laurent, Mike, Adrian, Heidi, and Saad) and VP of Education Wes.

Three speakers: Camila, ‘So rich yet so poor’. Wes, ‘A place to be’, and James, ‘Leader in you.’

Click here to watch Camila’s speech. 

Our first speaker Camila explored the devastating economic condition currently crippling Venzuela.  She made us realize how fortunate we are to be living in Canada and at the same time, taught us 3 core economic terms, including scarcity, inflation and purchasing power.  Economic teachers and professors take note! Real economics explained in a way that is easy and interesting to hear.

We then had back to back 10th speeches from Wes and JamesWes spoke about a place for where we all should be. Where would that be? Toronto! It may not be that obvious us as we sometimes can take it for granted.  Wes gave us a few surprising statistics about Toronto, including being the city with the highest condomium development and one of the best nature scenarios. It is no wonder, many of our club members travelled from different parts of the world, even from opposite end to live here.  For Wes, it was also a place where he first met his true love in 2012.  heart

We can always count on James for getting us excited to be part of our club. James shared us his experience of being part of toastmaster executive team.  There were ups and downs, but in the end, the experience made him become a better leader and a better person. Being part of the executive team or taking on any leadership role is rewarding in so many levels.

IMG_1457As always, our meeting ended with a table topics session.  This time, Naada led a motivating session, getting us to think about our bucket list.  Louise won again…second week in a row.  Congrats Louise!

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Stereotypes – April 26, 2017 Meeting Recap

This week, Toastmaster James presented an icebreaker, revealing something about himself, or rather explaining who he really is.  Although he may appear selfish and arrogant, he actually is just very confident, introverted and nice.  Next time we see someone who behaves differently from ourselves, avoid making judgement, and get know that person first.  Who knows, the person may end up becoming our closest friend!


Nadaa, one of our newest members also did her ice breaker. She took us on a journey from Muscat to Montreal. We learned that Nadda’s personality is quite dynamic, almost as she has opposite sides. For example, she can be shy but also loud. Her childhood experience shaped the way she is, however, she realized, cultural identify is not strictly defined.  From her journey, she learned that she can get the best from both worlds.

Nadaa2We then jumped to project number 9 with Wes.  He gave us 3 inarguable reasons why education should not be free.  His nailing point was that free education goes against the law of supply and demand. Oversupply of educated people lead to underpaid and/or underutilized employment. Examples include doctors in Cuba and Trinidad.

Wes presenting

Wes’s speech is posted here.

As Debate Master, Be asked 2 x 2 groups to argue against and for why children  should be given mobile phones.  Both groups presented very persuasive arguments. Despite of their opposing opinions, they remain friendly to each other (even taking pictures and smiling together… oh, such civil people they are!).

Debate group

In addition, we had Andrew leading the Table Topics session with a lot of participation.  It was quite competitive. Congrats to Louise for winning! Bruce is also proud.



Next meeting, Catarina will be our toastmaster with 2-3 speakers!

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Unique Me! – April 19, 2017 Meeting Recap

With online networking being so prevalent these days, it is so easy for us to be immersed in other people’s profiles. Sometimes, however, we can fall in the trap of comparing ourselves with these posted profile, usually our worst side to other’s best.  Toastmaster Sarah reminded us that we are all unique individuals, and measuring ourselves others with others can be unfulfilling and even deadly.  She gave us an example of  humming birds, all died after competing to built the biggest nests.  Her message is  we should live our lives based on our unique selves, not in relative to others.  As she would say, you are the unique you! Celebrate it.


This week, we also heard from our new member, Amanda, presenting her first speech.  Her story was vividly described.  There were memorable phrases and metaphors used, including the 2 millimeters of toilet paper to demonstrate the relative scale of human history (versus 200 sheets), and her being seen as a highlighter.  With her confident,  well equipped vocabulary and sense of humour, she certainly stands out!


Our second speaker James presented one of his persuasive projects, which challenged him to sell an expensive product within the allotted time. Even at the hefty price of $650, he persuaded to one of our members to purchase the Blendtec.   How did he do that?  Maybe it was the list of benefits he provided? Or his 30 day no money down policy?  Either way, we are worried for our wallet as we wonder.. what will he sell us next?


Continuing with our theme, Table Topics Master Megan asked us questions about providing tips to our young selves.  Catarina got our vote for her life lesson. Congrats Catarina!


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