Guide: Grammarian



Taking on this role improves vocabulary, grammar, critical listening skills and evaluation skills.

The grammarian plays an important role in helping all club members improve their grammar and vocabulary. As grammarian you:


  • Before the meeting pick a word of the day and an action to associate with. Write is up on the board for the audience to see. The goal here it to get as many people to use the word throughout the meeting.


  • Optional: Introduce a “Word of the Week” that helps meeting participants increase their vocabulary; display the word, part of speech, and a brief definition with a visual aid and prepare a sentence showcasing how the word should be used. Note who uses this word or any derivatives thereof correctly or incorrectly during the meeting.


  • You will be called upon by the General Evaluator twice throughout the meeting. The first time will be during the evaluation team introductions where you will introduce your roles purpose and provide a word of the day with an action.


  • Keep track of who and how many time the word of the day is used


  • Write down the language and grammar usage of all speakers, noting incomplete sentences, mispronunciations, grammatical mistakes, non-sequiturs, malapropisms, etc. Example: “One in five children wear glasses” should be “one in five children wears glasses.”


  • At the end of the meeting, give your complete report when called on.
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