Guide: Toastmaster



Taking on this role improves organization, time management and public speaking skills.

The Toastmaster is the meeting’s director and host. A member typically will not be assigned this role until they are thoroughly familiar with the club and its procedures.


  • The week leading up to the meeting check easy-speak for the agenda and fill in any rejected or vacant roles until all roles are filled


  • Confirm speakers and roles on the agenda on easy-speak (send email by clicking on the person’s name on easy-speak and roles to click ACCEPT on Easy-speak)
  • Ask confirmed speakers to send you a title and Speech Introduction


  • Day of the meeting check easy-speak agenda and fill any rejected or vacant roles. Focus on main roles


  • speakers, evaluators, general evaluators and table topics Masters. If no one accepts the Tabletopics Masters role, you can assume this role.
  • Print 20 copies of meeting agenda and distribute


  • Work with the General Evaluator to ensure all club participants know their roles and responsibilities


  • During the meeting present your prepared 3-5 minute speech on the theme for the meeting after you are introduced by the meeting Chairman


  • After your speech explain layout of the meeting and changes to the schedule


  • Introduce General Evaluator to introduce evaluation team and then return to the podium after


  • Introduce speakers during the club meeting, who include:
    • Introduce the speaker evaluator (let evaluator speak)
    • Introduce speech title and name of speaker (x2), then speech introduction (repeat for each speaker) and after speech provide 1 minute for audience comments
    • Call the network break (5 minutes)
    • Begin the the second half of the meeting and introduce the Topicsmaster
    • When the tabletopics session is complete thank the Topicsmasters and introduce the General Evaluator and then your job is done!

HINT: The goal here is to ensure smooth transitions between speakers during the club meeting – follow the agenda. Be funny because you are the host of Ceremonies

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