Laughter, Portland, and Spaghetti Squash: Meeting Recap of October 11

John K. was our honourable toastmaster for the evening, and kicked off the meeting with a joke, reminding us that laughter is the best medicine.  We wish him best of luck in the next round of humourous speech competitions, as he recently won our internal club competition three weeks ago!

Heidi was our first speaker, who talked about her adventures in Portland.  She convinced the audience to visit “The City of Roses” to try delicious hand-roasted coffee, taste a variety of craft beer, and eat very strange donuts in the shape of voodoo dolls.  Definitely an interesting place to visit!

Next, we had a full round of Table Topics, lead by Andrew.  He had numerous participants tell funny stories about strange fruits and vegetables.  We learned the names of a few interesting and uncommon legumes.

Wes provided evaluations for each participant, and the winner of the Table Topics session was Camila!  She gave a detailed account of how to use spaghetti squash for cooking and her ‘beauty’ routine.  Congratulations Camila!

See you all for another great meeting on October 18th!  Our lineup of speakers includes Bob and Catarina, and we’re excited to hear what they have prepared.


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Giving Thanks in a Nutshell: Recap of Oct. 4th Meeting

It’s almost the long Thanksgiving weekend, and this meeting was appropriately in theme!  Our Toastmaster for the night was Camila, who kicked off the meeting with a speech that challenged us all to be more grateful this Thanksgiving.

Our first speaker for tonight was Theresa, who completed her second speech.  Her topic was also related to Thanksgiving.  Theresa took a different angle, explaining the light and dark sides of Thanksgiving symbols: the cornucopia, wheat sheaf, and acorn.  She encouraged us to avoid using more food than we need, and to not get too *stuffed* this weekend!  Great speech Theresa – looking forward to your next one.

VJ lead an impressive Table Topics session, with 9 participants giving improvised speeches.  Out of the many competitors, Sarah Yang won the vote of the crowd, talking about how having a few close friends can be better than having many friends.

Overall, it was a great meeting, and we were happy to see so many guests attend.  Hoping you all enjoy a fantastic long weekend – See you next week!

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Thank you Be! Recap of Sept. 27th Meeting

After the excitement from competitions during the previous meeting, this week our meeting schedule was back to normal.


Starting off the meeting, we inducted a new member into our club.  Welcome Esra – we’re happy to have you here!


Our Toastmaster for the night was James, who dedicated his speech to our club’s previous president, Be.  This will be Be’s last meeting for the foreseeable future – she has been an invaluable member of our club, and an amazing club president for the past year. We’re sad to see her go, but we’re grateful for everything she’s done here (and celebrated it with confetti)!


Mike did his second speech all about light, and using it as a perspective in photography.  Amanda lead our Table Topics session, which was won by newcomer Frederica.


See you all next week!

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Competition Week! Recap of Sept. 20th meeting

This week was full of excitement as we had two club competitions: Table Topics and Humorous Speeches.

Bob was our competition chairman, and kicked off the meeting.


For Table Topics, competition was fierce with 7 competitors! The topic was on North Korea – and the question was what would our contenders would do if in charge?  We had plenty of interesting improvised responses – being benevolent, destructive, and humorous.


In the end, Amanda won the Table Topics competition, with James and Camila closely ranked behind.


For our Humorous Speech competition, we had 3 experienced members compete: John, Andrew, and Be.  They had us laughing hard!  Each had a different prepared speech where we learned how to find the “one”, the advantages of being a koala, and how (not) to impress your wife.


John ended up as the winner of this competition! Congratulations to everyone who competed in our competitions this week – it was an intense and fun meeting.


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Disasters, Willpower, Recruiting, and Technology – September 13th, 2017

This week we were back at our regular home – The Waterfront Neighbourhood Center. We had a lively meeting with a test-run of a Table Topics competition, because next week is our exciting club competition for Humorous Speeches and Table Topics!


Our Toastmaster for the evening was Andrew, who began our meeting recollecting on the recent hurricanes that affected Texas and Florida, and leaving us with a message about how even the most terrible disasters can bring out the positive aspects of our humanity.


Bob was our first speaker for the evening, and he completed an improvised speech on an audiobook set called “Your Wish is Your Command”, created by the controversial (and imprisoned) Kevin Trudeau about personal success.  It was interesting to hear about the techniques in this series.


Damien was our final speaker (who gave our club his final speech!) about his insider experience in the recruitment industry.  He had practical and relevant advice for job seeking, building resumes, and how software and managers select candidates.  We really appreciated hearing about his advice and experience.  We all wish Damien the best out west as he’s moving to Vancouver (conveniently before winter…) and hope he can find a Toastmasters group *almost* as good as ours on the coast.

For Table Topics, Andrew lead a mock competition to practice for next week.  His topic was whether technology in society is good or bad.  We had a myriad of opinions… Is it the best thing that has happened to humanity? Or will it destroy us all? We’ll never know since this was a test run, and we had no winners. Wes did a great job evaluating all 7 competitors, reminding us to greet our audience, be specific, and tell personal stories.

Overall it was a great meeting, and we can’t wait for our competition next week.

See you all there!


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