Back to School! Recap of Sept. 6th meeting

Summer is ending and kids are going back to school!  We had another wonderful meeting at the beautiful Fort York Library.

Our meeting began with our Toastmaster Wes giving a great speech on the importance of building powerful conclusions.  This is timely advice as we begin competitions in two weeks.

Louise was our 1st Speaker and gave a speech called “How Do I Get There From Here?” where she talked about the TTC and accessibility on transportation, which requires a lot of planning! We learned many things from her perspective on accessibility and using the TTC.

Next, Catarina gave a speech on “Secrets to Happiness and Success I Learned Working on a Ranch”.  She shared life experience gained from working with irrigation lines on the ranch, and focused on the importance of having purpose and gratitude as keys of happiness.

Domien was our Table Topics Master this evening, and had a variety of “easy”, “medium”, and “hard” topics that made for an interesting (and challenging) selection of improvised speeches.

Amanda won our Table Topics competition, by talking about the importance of customer service while ordering her favourite almond latte from Starbucks (which according to her is NOT a girly drink).

Looking forward to next week’s edition of Toastmasters on Sept. 13th, where we will be back at Harbourfront Neighbourhood Center.

If anyone is interested in competing (or volunteering) with competitions on Sept. 20th, we have a few spots left! You may contact our president (Wes Vick) to register.

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Daily Rituals- August 9, 2017

Thank you to all of our members and guests who attended our meeting on August 9th.

Our Toastmaster Be brought us through her daily rituals, their importance and her personal rituals. Do you have daily rituals? Do they help to shape the person you are?

Our first speaker Adrian introduced the importance of choosing a charity and gave us some tips. I hope our members reflected on the charities they chose, what help they bring, how much help they’re able to provide, and how they responsibly use their money.

Our second speaker Catarina aligned her goals of using body movement to convey more meaning, by speaking to us about the importance of breathing deeply to feel more powerful. We all tried it out.

Andrew brought us through a rousing session of table topics, welcoming members and guests to speak about and find meaning in a turn of phrase. It was our guest Maggie who blew us away and won this weeks best table topics.

See you all next week.

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Summer Party – July 8, 2017



James and Tom (our BBQ chef)




Congratulations to this year’s achievers:


James Tran as the Most Enthusiastic! Second time in the row.


Sarah Sarah Yang received two awards: Best Progress and Most Ambitious.


Wes Vick (left) the Best Evaluator. Award presented by Andrew Valinksas (who was our last year’s Best Evaluator).

DSCF1074 Mark Pilkington as the best Table Topics Speaker.  Also, his second time winning this award.


Be Pham as Toastmaster of the Year.


Some of our old and the new executive members posing together.  Our new President, Wes Vick, in front.

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Happy Birthday Canada! June 28, 2017 Meeting Recap

Since it’s Canada’s big year, we couldn’t resist to celebrate Canada’s day together again while enjoying some Canadian snacks (Tim Hortons and Ketchup chips).  Our meeting was led by Jay (one our long term dedicated toastmasters, and past presidents).

Most of us stop counting or sometimes stop celebrating after a certain age,  but we shouldn’t.  Jay reminded us that we should all be proud of our age as it represents the years of wisdom and experience we have gained. Next time when someone asks  you for your age, proudly claim it.

We had two speakers:  Amanda and Damian.

Damian did his Ice Breaker.  We learned a few things about him, including his adventurous spirit and background.

Amanda encouraged us to become more environmental friendly.  In this world of over consumption, we consume so much that we are deteriorating our environment.  We should think of ways we can reduce, ways we can borrow and ways we can reconsider.  Amanda vividly described how a magnificent beach can turn into a waste pile in just a short period of time.  She also supported with a few shocking statistics.  For example, did you know an average household in Canada house around 30,000 items?

Our Table Topics Master was led by Bob.  He got us to show case several cities in Canada, all with odd names and most which we have never heard of.  John Kjarsgaard was the best promoter.  Congrats John!

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Celebrate Canada! June 28, 2017 Meeting Recap

Happy Birthday Canada! This year Canada is turning the big 1-5-0! Our Toastmaster Des spoke passionately about being Canadian. Oh Canada! Our home and native land. We are proud to be part of thee.



Alex hosted a workshop on core values.  She encouraged us to connect with our true values.  Many of us go through life, following other people’s pathways or values. When was the last time we sat down and thought about what we really value? In this meeting, Alex gave us that opportunity, equipping us with a list of values to muse over.

Alex also guided 2 volunteers: Amanda and Be on creating goals to their values. From Alex we learned, life is a canvas, we can paint it the way we wanted,  We just need to let our brushes (values) lead the way.



AndreAmanda Amanda led a fun Table Topic session, getting each participant to represent an animal and advocating for its existence on earth.    In the end, we voted for Andre (representing the moose).   Congrats Andre!

We will still be at the Lilian H Smith library next week.  It will be the last meeting before we roll over to the new executive team.  It will be just as exciting as ever, as we anticipate to hear 4 speakers! Damian, Amanda, Catarina, and Andre.

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