June 21 and June 28, 2017 Temporary Meeting Location

ATTENTION:  Please note that the Waterfront Neighbourhood Centre will closed for the next two weeks.  Hence, our meetings on June 21 and 28 will be held at the Lillian H. Smith Library.

239 College Street, Toronto, ON
M5T 1R5 Auditorium room, basement.

6:15 pm to 8 pm



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Basics – June 14th Meeting Recap

Basics! basics! basics!  The meeting began with Toastmaster James reiterating the importance of mastering the basics. For example, a few basics of public speaking include vocal variety, use of pauses, and gestures. Master these core elements, coordinate them together, and voila!

There are fundamental elements to any skill but above it all, the first step to mastery is to GET STARTED.  James concluded that all winners were once beginners.


This week’s meeting was exciting yet efficient.  We had 4 speakers:  Mike, Adrian, Catarina and Wes.

We started with Mike’s Ice breaker.  Mike gave his perspective of growing up. We learned a few things about him, some of which were a surprise to us, like English is not his first language and he is Greek. He mentioned that he has an eye for detail and we also would add that he has a great sense of humour.

The next two speakers worked on the second project – organize your speech. Adrian promoted corporate social responsibility.  He explained what the concept is and what it can do for us.  To summarize, corporate social responsibility benefits all parties involved: corporate, customers, and the community.

Our third speaker, Catarina gave us an outline of her current PhD project, which could possibly transform the world.  She described her steps in dealing with our VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world.  Solving our problems come from our brains, brawns and guts.  Who knew we all have it within us to change the world?

146 billion. That’s how many emails we send a day!  Our final speaker, Wes presented project 8 visual aid (the final project from his cc manual).   Despite of this significantly enormous number, most people do not know how to write a proper email. But don’t worry, as a VP of Education, Wes is here to educate. Just like his speech, he kept it simple, professional and effective.  A few things we learned include polite command, specific subject/dates, and organized list using circular bullets (or square?).  Follow Wes’s advice and you will get a higher response rate, or at least your emails will be read (vs. not deleted or blocked).

Congratulation Wes for completing his competent communication manual!


Despite of our full schedule, were able to squeeze in a Table Topic session, which was hosted by Alex. Alex challenged us to go back to the basic starting with listening  The winner is our guest Anshula.  Congrats Anshula!



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Summer is coming! June 7th Meeting Recap

Are you ready for the summer?  Before you plunge into the summer, Toastmaster Olga warned us to get some swimming lessons.  Don’t ruin your summer or life just because you don’t know how to swim.

We had two speakers, Andre and Louise.

It was Andre‘s first speech.  We got to learn where he came from and what he hopes to achieve from Toastmaster. He was sent away to live with his aunt and uncle at a very young age, hence he became very self reliant.  Through his independence, he has learned that his life is fully under his control. While most people are still indecisive with their life, Andre knows what he wants and not want (i.e. career in Mechanical Engineer).

When was the last time you visited the Royal Ontario museum? Our second speaker, Louise, spoke about how ‘problems become opportunities when the right people come together’.  She told us about the 2 blue whales that died and were washed ashore on New Foundland and Labrador.  Just like what her project demanded, she described the story very vividly, as if we were there, waiting in muck and slashing away the blubber.  Certainly, most of us would not volunteer to do such thing but we are now enticed to go the ROM to learn more about this fascinating blue whale species.

Love it or hate? Sarah told us to hate it in our table topics session. Andrew won with his passion or rather hatred against Iced Cappuccino.


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Perfect Moments – May 31 Meeting Recap

Have you ever had a moment where everything was just so perfect? This rarely happens but instead of waiting for it to happen, Toastmaster John encouraged us to make it happen. He referenced, the movie Amelia, where the star decided to make perfect moments for others.

John also gave a real life story example of a 9 year boy named Caine, who spent his whole summer waiting for customers to play at his cardboard arcade.  Caine’s dream become a reality when his first customer organized a flash mob and recruited 100+ more customers.

This week, we had two ice breakers: Catarina and Laurent.

Like a true gemini, Caterina has a personality with contrasting attributes.  Her personality is significantly influenced by her contrasting experiences, where she grew up living with several different families with different lifestyles.  Whistler, Tokyo, Germany, Calgary, China and Toronto, she has it all in her.  Now, she’s back in Toronto, and plans to blend her experiences and skills to create something from it.  Knowing her, it would be something brilliant!

Laurent, who was once a Real Estate agent, shared us a personal story of himself and his obstacles. From it all, he learned to rise above it.  He now reads a lot more and is more ambitious than ever before.  His obstacles helped to shape the person he is right now. Although he knows that he still has a few more molding to do, he is faithful that his obstacles will lead the way.

Tabletopic session was led by Louise with Andre winning the ribbon.  Congrats Andre!

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Do You Know What You Want? May 24th Meeting Recap

Success starts with knowing what you want, but most people do not know what they want.  Fortunately, we have Toastmaster Bob here to remind us that we do not need to be one of those people.  He gave us a simple assignment to do, which is write down what we want.  Write down every little detail. including the spouse you want to be with, the house you want to own, and person you want to become. Write it all down! We know, most people won’t do this, but the successful ones will.  Are you one of them?

We then had two speakers: Theresa and Luke, each tackling on a different project.

Theresa did her Icebreaker. She told us a story of how she learned about Toastmaster.  While bumming around,  contemplating on what she wanted to do with her life, she met someone who opened her eyes. He was a confident go-getter, and a Toastmaster member.  She realized she too can change her life around, and become quite an achiever herself.  Now she plans to go on this Toastmaster journey to further develop herself.  It sounds like she’s been writing down her goals.

Luke did his body language speech project on his red Toyota.  After 11 years, 250,000 km, and many memorable experiences, Luke had to let go of his car. It was a sad story (well not really).  Good journeys, camping trips… and a speech, his car has brought him very far, but it is time to say good bye.

Our table topic session was held by Heidi, and won by Camila.  Congrats Camila!


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