Join us for our Dec. 1st meeting: “Courage”

Courage…it’s an easy word to say. But how many of us have it?

In 2003, Aron Ralston found himself alone and trapped deep within a desolate canyon in the back country of Utah, his arm pinned under a giant boulder. Running of water and food, Ralston faced day after day of isolation and abject despair. He seemed condemned to a slow lonely death. In his darkest hour, however, he had a vision. That one thought revived his will to live. On the verge of death, it gave Ralston the courage to summon all his fortitude and do the unimaginable…
This true-life story inspired the movie “127 Hours.” What was his inspiration and how did he escape? To find out, come to our meeting this Wednesday at 6 pm at the Harbourfront Community Centre.


About libertyvillagetm

Liberty Village Toastmasters is one of Toronto’s premier public-speaking groups.
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