Join us for our Jan. 26 Meeting: “The Seconds That Matter”

In this “Too-Much-Information” Age, audiences have become much more selective and demanding when it comes to the messages with which they choose to engage. According to a recent advertising study, the window of opportunity within which consumers will decide whether a brand’s message matters to them or not is an extremely tight average of 6.5 seconds. What does this unnerving number mean to you, as a public speaker? You only have 6.5 seconds to make your speech count – use them wisely…

Join us at our next Liberty Village Toastmasters meeting this Wednesday, Jan. 26 at 6pm. Our Toastmaster, John K, will share with us the theme for the evening – “The Seconds That Matter” – which will include a special, surprise “challenge” for the club’s members. What will it be? You’ll have to attend to find out…

The night will include a full line-up of prepared speeches, from members old and new, who are ready to take more than a few seconds to speak about topics that matter to them. But don’t fret, Table Topics will also be making a triumphant return this week, so even if you don’t have a role, you’ll get the opportunity to have your 6.5 seconds in the spotlight.

See you Wednesday!

-Liberty Village Toastmasters

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