Join us for our March 9 meeting: “Connections”

We all connect with people every day, but with some people we maintain the connection. Why? Is it because we want something from them? Are they a good contact for our career? Do we just click with them? Do we just enjoy their company? Why do we make the connections we do, and how does that affect our lives? Come to this week’s meeting to see our Toastmasters Jay unveiling some of the answers to these questions.

This week we have 4 speakers who are ready to kick ass tonight! Two of them are at their 1st speech! Michael and Francisco are the ones who will break the ice, followed by Vivienne who will take us to an aquatic journey and Frank who will hypnotize us with visual aids. Last but not least we will have a fun table topics section prepared by Hazel. Come to be part of another exhilarating experience at the Liberty Village Toastmasters! See you at the meeting!

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Liberty Village Toastmasters is one of Toronto’s premier public-speaking groups.
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