New Speech Videos Added!

Wondering what a speech or Table Topics session at a Liberty Village Toastmasters meeting looks like?

Check out the latest speech videos that we’ve added to our Liberty Village Toastmasters YouTube Channel. We’ll be adding more videos of our speeches and workshops over the next few weeks.

When you’re ready to take the plunge and begin your growth as a public speaker, Be Our Guest at our weekly meeting and experience Toastmasters for yourself!


“Should Fighting Sports Be Banned?” Table Topics Debate
Watch the impromptu debate unfold as our speakers argue both sides of the question: “Should Fighting Sports Be Banned?”

Click here to view this Table Topics session on YouTube.


“Oranges, Lettuce, Milk, and…” by Navita
Navita teaches us to use the power of association and the Journey Method as a handy way to remember that pesky list of items on your grocery list…

Click here to view Navita’s speech on YouTube.


“How a Man Became a God” by John K
John K explains how Alexander the Great and his successors used the iconography on their coins to shift perceptions and become divine.

Click here to view John K’s speech on YouTube.


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