LVTM meeting summary – June 8th, 2011

Our June 8th meeting opened with Arvind’s powerful introduction to the
theme of the evening which questions the culture of self-obesssion.
With products branding “I” – this and “me” – that, has altruism become
a lost art?!

Rene carried on the momentum of this theme in his 2nd CC speech
challenging us, this time, to think globally and not locally because
we do live in a globalized world afterall. Vivienne gave the
audience some much needed advice on how to take care of our hair in
her speech titled “A Hairy Tale”. Last but not least, you’ve heard
the saying, “keep your friends close; but your enemies closer”. Well,
advanced speaker, Bing, tought us that sometimes our enemies could be
our friends in her tentalizing story of Lightning and the Brain

Congratulations to John Kriss. for winning the covetted best table
topics speaker of the evening. John reminded us to take a deep breath
in our moments of panic and realise that the world isn’t really
burning down. Congratulations as well to Rose, Arvind, and Luke for
taking on their meeting roles for the first time! You guys carried
the meeting like veterans! Don’t miss next week’s meeting! My
insider sources tell me that it will be “majestic”.

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