Meeting Summary – March 28th

Written by Maria Lalla

Meeting Theme – Have you ever been speechless?
Word of the day – Speechless

Toastmaster Francisco started the meeting with an entertaining speech about his first interview at Burger King as a teenager. He was at a loss for words during the interview as he had focused more time on getting ready what he would be wearing to the interview. He also reflected back to a time he met face to face with Jessica Alba at the ATM, and again he was speechless. Just think he could of been married to Jessica Alba now! In reflection Francisco said that it is ok to be speechless in life when caught in moments of extreme excitement or happiness.

As well to kick off the meeting two new members were inducted. Welcome to Zach Martin and Kuntal Variya – we are excited to have you apart of our team!!

First Speaker: Zach
Title: What makes you different.

Zach introduced us to what makes him so different. Not only does Zach eat raw eggs every day…he ate 1000 raw eggs over the last year! Zach comes to us as a practising Engineer but his many talents have found him also working as a Graphic Designer and a maker of romantic homemade gifts for his hubby. His homemade projects range from making a USB in the shape of the letter J for his wife to designing and making his own custom made wedding ring! We look forward to getting to know more interesting facts about Zach and what makes him different!

Second Speaker: Albert
Title: Cops, robbers and hams

Albert took an early interest many years ago back in University in learning about Radio Scanning. Albert is a practising Nurse but also has a side interest in becoming a licensed Ham Operator. He bought his first radio scanner for $160.00 back in University. Radio frequencies and conversations conducted via radio air waves is open to any listener which many of us were not aware of. Albert enlightened us on how ham radio can be used in a real life situation. Think of Hurricane Katrina where Ham Radios had an important role to play. As they could be run on batteries and were used for people to effectively communicate, when all other forms of communication were not working!

Third Speaker: Rene
Title: Moby Dick

Rene delivered his monumental tenth speech tonight from the Competent Communicator Manual. He inspired us with his speech on Moby Dick and how we all have Moby Dicks to overcome. Rene went on to discuss that the Moby Dicks are in between us and what can make us happy in life until we overcome the Moby Dick. Some people find their way to get over their Moby Dicks. Rene left us stating – The realization of your dreams and choosing to be successful is your choice. Rene definitely overcame his Moby Dick by successfully completing his tenth speech. Congratulations Rene!!

Table Topics by Julian

In following the theme of the meeting Julian provided Table Topic Speakers with quotes revolving around being speechless. Table topic speakers went onto conduct up to two minute speeches based on the quote they received. We heard many entertaining speeches related to interesting quotes and how speechlessness affects everyone in different ways and situations. Our winner John Kjar. delivered the winning speech in which he reminded us all to pay attention to peoples body language. As words are less important sometimes when words spoken are not always the truth.

The meeting concluded with a very helpful and beneficial evaluation session. Which included reports on grammar, filler words,Chan’s quizmaster questions regarding content we heard during the course of the meeting and meeting timing. Overall a great meeting was had as we heard speeches from new members to advanced members. Followed by evaluations by Andrew, Mark, and John Kri. which focused on providing useful feedback and advice for future improvements as well as growth for speakers.

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