Recap for Oct 9, 2013: Area Table Topics and Humorous Speech Competition.

By Clem D

The competition was fierce and hectic. It was like Gladiator…sort of… maybe…Ok it wasn’t but is was competitive. Liberty Village T.M hosted this event and our guests were: Shellbusters, TAIE and Toronto Go-Getters.

In the Humorous Speech category, four competitors vied to make us laugh but when the dust cleared there was one man standing… Eric Sorenson from the Go-Getters Club.  In the Table Topics category four other competitors did their best to use their quick thinking skills as they had two minutes to talk about the word ” Choices”.  When all was said and done, the judges choose… Nick Klassen from the Go-Getters Toastmasters Club.

Great job to all the competitors who represented their Club respectfully and congratulations to the winners as they advance to the Divisional Competition Wednesday Oct 28, 2013

Thanks to Kim & Chris for organizing and facilitating this event, all the judges &

Valarie for the food and refreshments.

Food1- Area Competion Oct 9, 2013Food2- Area Competion Oct 9, 2013

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