Recap Nov 13, 2013

By Clem D

Tonight we had a packed event with ( 5 ) speakers on the agenda & ( 8 ) visiting guests.

We started off with Clem D as our Toastmaster and he encouraged us to “Embrace our Struggles” as they are necessary to make us stronger, smarter and more prepared for what awaits us in the future.

Tracey enlighten us on ( 5 ) points to help us for when we are going to “Meet the Parents” of our significant other. Smile, Be polite, Be genuine, Dress appropriately, Be yourself.

Helen made us realize “How far $560.00 can go”. Even though we may want materialistic things or host a fancy party, all those things pale in comparison to investing in the life and well-being of a human being.

Felix took us on a ride through the means of flight. He spoke about the skills that a pilot must have when landing in dangerous conditions and that even though it may be “Clear for taking-off”, this is optional, it’s the landing  part that is the most important task.

Wayne encouraged us to follow some simple and practical ways to help build up our club membership. Whether it is by calling our friends, using social media or handing out flyers, it is even more important to make a guest feel welcome such a friendly handshake or getting to know their name can make all the difference.

Valarie closed us off by describing what it takes to be a leader when planning an event. She described some of the things she had to go through while planning our 10th Anniversary last summer and achieving her High Performance Level award.

Thanks to all the evaluators and guests for making this a great evening.

Until next time.

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