Recap for Nov 20, 2013

By Clem D,

Today are room exploded with ten new guests with half of them signed up to become members next month.  We look forward to helping you along with your success in Toastmasters.

Tracey did a great job as Toastmaster for the first time. She spoke about “Pop Culture” and how it has become very influential in the way our society thinks and makes their choices. President Obama’s first election campaign is a great example of this proof.

Jackie’s Ice-Breaker speech was very inspirational as she spoke about her current job that   was birthed out of a desire to find purpose to her life and in that; her happiness and self-worth.

Yury encouraged us to invest in our own future financially and through “Green initiatives”. In doing so, we need to research and understand that whatever or whomever we invest in, should be beneficial to our future.

Clem closed us off with a story about doing the unthinkable and living to tell other about it.  No matter how big the mountain may look or how crazy your idea may be, don’t let fear hold you back from achieving your goals.

Great job from all our evaluators.

Profound Feedback from one of our guests: “Every time I come, I leave learning something different; a life lesson.”

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