Recap for Nov 27, 2013

By Tracey,
Our Toastmaster, Manu, discussed how he only accepted the role of Toastmaster on Monday night after fellow toastmaster member and friend, Yuri, asked to trade roles with him. At first, Manu said ‘no’ but shortly after that he realized he said ‘no’ only because he was anxious about being the Toastmaster.  Manu expressed to everyone how you should take risks and conquer your fears, because doing so will bring you happiness! Manu concluded by saying, “People spend all week waiting for Friday, all year waiting for summer, and all their life waiting for happiness! Get out there, take risks and be happy!”
Max was the first speaker of the night, and spoke about the ‘Hidden Epidemic’ and how we all are subjected to it!  Max explained that sitting has been linked to obesity, diabetes and cancer! We sit all the time: at work, at home, on the TTC, even at Toastmasters we are sitting! The human body was not meant to sit, and some of the greatest intellectuals, like Benjamin Franklin, would always stand!  Max encouraged all of us to stand more, and to become more active! Catch phrase: “Stand up for your health!”
Wayne then spoke about the roles and responsibilities available at Toastmasters. Wayne did a wonderful job conducting audience participation! Wayne’s enthusiasm for Toastmasters was evident throughout his speech! Great job Wayne!
Table topics winner and guest Zara discussed her love for winter!

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