Recap for Dec 4th, 2013

By Eriel S,

Tonight we enjoyed 3 speeches from Eddy, Emmanuel and Mohammed in which they took us on a trip across many countries and eras through their stories.

Valarie’s introduction for tonight’s theme “Cherished Memories” was moving and really helped to set the tone as we move into a season of celebration and cheer. She urged us all to find beauty in everything, even the challenges.

Fitting with that theme, our word of the day was grateful, and this resounded throughout the meeting through both the speeches and the feedback from our 4 guests.

Eddy’s icebreaker was a whirlwind story that took us from Boston, Massachusetts, through a Cold War experience in Lebanon, and ending with a love story right here at home in Toronto. He did a great job captivating the audience with his humor and wit.

In Emmanuel’s speech about the First Nations people, he taught us all a little more about the country in which we live and love, and also walked us through his own journey in learning about his heritage. As he explained, he now knows the pain of the First Nations people’s history, and sees that their culture holds a certain magic.

In Mohammed’s speech, “Happiness”, he outlined 5 key elements that can positively impact our lives and our happiness; Relationships, Caring, Flow, Spiritual Engagement and Gratitude. People who practice these regularly have been shown to be happier in their everyday lives. He closed with a great quote – “The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, but they make the best of everything they have.”

All our evaluators had lots of great feedback, and guests and members alike were able to learn something from each of them. As tonight’s General Evaluator, Felix remarked how interesting it was to travel through “space and time” by way of the speeches.

On a special note, our general elections was held this evening, with Yuri being elected to Co-VP of Education, and Ted taking on the role of VP of Membership. Congratulations to both!

With that being said, we say THANKS and all the best to our past V.P of Education, Yasemin and our past V.P of Membership, Wayne.

Thanks to everyone for their participation and positivity.

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