Recap for Dec 11, 2013

By Clem D.

Michelle was the “Jack of all trades” tonight: Toastmaster, Meeting Chair and General Evaluator.

Her T.M speech described how the late Nelson Mandela fit into the example of the             7 Effective Habits of Highly Effective People” Written by Stephen R. Covey.

1) Be Proactive   2) Begin with the end in mind   3) Put First things First                             4) Think Win, Win   5) Understand-Then Be Understood   6)Synergy                                    7) Sharpen the Saw

Rosanne presented her Ice-Breaker speech entitled, “Unplanned Events”.  She reminded us through her personal experiences, that life happens when you are making plans and it is up to us to make the best of these situations. Life Does Go On!

Helen’s story about a Chinese Emperor rushing to see a sick friend and her personal story of her ambitious work ethic very much solidified the quote”More Haste; Less Speed”.  It means that the faster you try to do something, the more mistakes you will make. If you are in hurry you should do everything you can, but with “safe speed”.

Tracey presented a very heart-felt message to us in regards to the stigma behind “Mental Illness”.  We need to hear that cry of those who live in silence because those with this illness tend to live in the shadows. Alone.

Word of the day was: Revolution and the Table Topics winner was Clem D.

** Remember our Christmas; Mash-up Party.  BE THERE !!

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