Recap for Feb 28, 2014

By Clem D

As tonight’s Toastmaster, John Krissilas described the game of squash as a game that  encompasses: endurance, focus and the desire to win.  This is how we should envision preparing and presenting our speeches.

Karoline spoke on the act of “purging our closets” as a way of staying organized.  Karoline pointed out that when we look in our closet and say that we have nothing to wear, it is because our closets are full. What a life lesson.

Mohamed K. presented some lessons that he has learned throughout his life.

a) The battle is in the mind

b) Be honest

c) Become comfortable with taking risks

d) Opportunity is when luck is making plans

e) In school we learn the lessons; then we take the test.  In life we take the test and must learn from those lessons.

Tracey closed with a touching story about women in Africa who were able some how fight off the HIV virus and as such became test subjects for medical scientists looking for the cure.  The moral and ethical question is, if a cure is found, will these women be the first to receive it?

Karoline has been appointed our club’s new Secretary. Congrats.

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