Successful Open House May 22, 2014

By Clem D

What do you get when you cross some great presenters, enthusiastic guests & great food? A very successful Open House. Out of the 20 people who attended, half of them visited Toastmasters for the very first time.  Mission accomplished.

We heard from Valarie who presented two speeches. The first was about the benefits of Toastmasters in our everyday life. The second speech, was about what our Body Language conveys to people about us and how Vocal Variety can help us enhance our speaking abilities.

John Kjarsgaard, presented a PowerPoint presentation on; PowerPoint. These tips and advice are very beneficial to ensuring that our presentations become an effective tool and not a liability.

Table Topics is always as fun time to listen to people as they learn to be quick on their feet when answer a question.  This skill is important especially when it pertains to job interviews or a general conversation. John Krissilas, did a great job by asking us “What gets us out of our sweatpants?” In other words, what is it that gets you up in the mornings and on your way to a better day.

As always, thanks to Michelle and Yury for presenting to us the educational aspect of Toastmasters. Not only do we attend Toastmasters for the social aspect, but we also attend for the educational benefits. As we all journey down this pathway towards effective communication, there are many tools in place to assist us.  We are all here to support and encourage each other.

Many thanks to those who helped set the room, prepared the food and came to show their support.  This event was great because of you.


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