Club Officer Elections (all positions) at upcoming May 20th meeting!!!

The club has a team of 7 executives that run the club. The current club executive committee will remain in control until June 30th. At our meeting on May 20th, club elections will be held for fill those roles for the next Toastmasters year (beginning on July 1st). Their term begins July 1st and lasts for 12 months ending on June 30th of the next year.

These club officers must also attend monthly Club Officer meetings (above and beyond the weekly club meetings), and attend both Club Officer Training (COT) held semi-annually.

The reward is developing your leadership skills that are transferable to work situations, such as organizing and running a team meeting, working on teams and contributing your ideas, and providing focus on goals and objectives. A club officer role is part of the requirements for the Advanced Leadership Bronze (ALB) leadership designation. If you are close to or have completed your Competent Leader (CL) manual, then please think ahead for the next 12 months and evaluate your progress towards the ALB designation. That may influence you to seriously investigate a club officer role, and run in this upcoming election.

The available executive roles are as follows:

The president provides leadership for the club. He/she sets the tone for the club, works with the executive committee to assure quality, organized meetings, positive interactions among members, and a supportive, learning environment. Encouraging all members to accomplish why they joined is the goal.

Prerequisite: Recommended having held other club officer positions to understand workings of the club. Works with Area Governor to co-ordinate messaging from Toastmasters International and funnel progress up to the Area and District.

Very important role to schedule meetings, roles, and speaking slots for members. Also responsible for coordinating club contests.

Promote the club and manage the process of bringing in guests and transforming them into members. Initiate contact with guests and actively monitor membership levels. Strategize with executive committee when membership challenges occur.

Responsible for coordinating the club’s public image and open-houses in September and January during traditional membership drives.

Attend meetings and record official meeting notes. You get a chance to speak (present last meeting notes) at every club meeting.

Manages the club membership fees and Toastmasters International (TMI) membership fees. Also manages new members fees and registration with TMI. Manages the club budget and records expenses. Presents club Financials (towards end of the Toastmaster year).

Prerequisite: Good financial record-keeping and Excel skills. Will require signing authority at the bank.

Responsible for all the physical properties of the club and for setting up the room for club meetings, and resetting the tables and chairs. Distribution of voting slips, collection and counting of same is part of the job. Regular club attendance and ability to come early (6pm) to prepare room for the 6:15pm meeting.


If you are interested in any of these roles for the upcoming Toastmaster year, please contact who is responsible for running the club elections.

Please send an email via Easy-Speak of which role you are interested in, and a brief explanation of why. Also include any questions you may have. The election committee will vet out all nominations.

Elections will be held at the May 20th meeting and it is possible, not preferred, to take nominations from the floor on May 20th. If there are 2 or more nominees for the same role, each nominee will be given 1 minute (a Table Topic) to present to the club, “why vote for them?”

Our regular time and location for the May 20th meeting have been confirmed. We are meeting at Room Assembly “C” at Harbourfront Community Centre from 6:15pm to 8 pm.

Look forward to seeing you at our regular time and location for the meeting and the club elections.

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