Comedy Night! — November 11 Meeting Recap

Andrew Nov 11

Why can’t we be more like sloths?

Our comedy night host Andrew pitched us on his new dietary revolution — digesting slowly, like a sloth — to help us save time, skip bathroom lines, and endure a Lord of the Rings marathon. Contact him to sign the petition….

Mark then shared another revolution, the “Wim Hof” method to surviving in adverse situations, before LVTM alumni Jay gave us three golden nuggets on how to survive (happily) in marriage. And of course, Carmelita helped us feel the fear with her inspiring rally: Cool moss!

The night featured guest appearances from alumni (Sean, Bing, Andreea, Ian, Millee) and friends (Karen), and ended with a LVTM tradition: drinks at a pub. Cool moss, cool moss, cool moss!


Mark Nov 11

Jay Nov 11

Carmelita Nov 11

Drinks Nov 11


For more info on attending our next meeting as a guest, click here.

See you on November 18!

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