IDK – August 3 Meeting Recap

Knowing is only half the battle. We learned from Toastmaster James that we only become competent when we start applying what we know. It takes discipline at first, but it will eventually become automatic, which is when we become unconsciously competent, in other words….talented!

Insights continue with our next two speakers. First, speaker Arash shared us a story of boy name Johnny with a hidden talent. Johnny’s beat boxing talent was only revealed with Arash’s encouragement. The story demonstrated that no matter how small our action or at what level, we have the power to influence others.

Then Speaker Bob taught us a technique that we can use to be remembered – the serial position effect. Be the first or the last, but not in between. Perhaps that explains many of our life mysteries, like first impression and the middle child syndrome?

Finally, our meeting ended with Laksman leading a thought provoking tabletopics session. Congrats Roger for winning again! Was it because of his talent or serial position effect? Or both? We’ll find out next time.

In summary, lessons learned at this meeting: become talented, get noticed and influence others!

Next meeting, Wes is our toastmaster and Karoline will be speaking.






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