The Power of Why – May 3, 2017 Meeting Recap


Toastmaster Catarina encouraged us to ask questions, particularly questions that transform us.  Questions starting with why.  ‘How’ is easy to find but why is what empowers us.  The answers to why questions give us purpose and reasons.  Next time, dig deep and ask yourself why?

This week we had 3 inspiring speeches:  2 came from project 10 (inspire your audience) and 1 from the third project (get to the point), which was equally as powerful.

It was indeed an exciting week as our club gained not 1, not 2, not even 3, but 5 new members!


President Be with 5 new members (Laurent, Mike, Adrian, Heidi, and Saad) and VP of Education Wes.

Three speakers: Camila, ‘So rich yet so poor’. Wes, ‘A place to be’, and James, ‘Leader in you.’

Click here to watch Camila’s speech. 

Our first speaker Camila explored the devastating economic condition currently crippling Venzuela.  She made us realize how fortunate we are to be living in Canada and at the same time, taught us 3 core economic terms, including scarcity, inflation and purchasing power.  Economic teachers and professors take note! Real economics explained in a way that is easy and interesting to hear.

We then had back to back 10th speeches from Wes and JamesWes spoke about a place for where we all should be. Where would that be? Toronto! It may not be that obvious us as we sometimes can take it for granted.  Wes gave us a few surprising statistics about Toronto, including being the city with the highest condomium development and one of the best nature scenarios. It is no wonder, many of our club members travelled from different parts of the world, even from opposite end to live here.  For Wes, it was also a place where he first met his true love in 2012.  heart

We can always count on James for getting us excited to be part of our club. James shared us his experience of being part of toastmaster executive team.  There were ups and downs, but in the end, the experience made him become a better leader and a better person. Being part of the executive team or taking on any leadership role is rewarding in so many levels.

IMG_1457As always, our meeting ended with a table topics session.  This time, Naada led a motivating session, getting us to think about our bucket list.  Louise won again…second week in a row.  Congrats Louise!

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