Happy Birthday Canada! June 28, 2017 Meeting Recap

Since it’s Canada’s big year, we couldn’t resist to celebrate Canada’s day together again while enjoying some Canadian snacks (Tim Hortons and Ketchup chips).  Our meeting was led by Jay (one our long term dedicated toastmasters, and past presidents).

Most of us stop counting or sometimes stop celebrating after a certain age,  but we shouldn’t.  Jay reminded us that we should all be proud of our age as it represents the years of wisdom and experience we have gained. Next time when someone asks  you for your age, proudly claim it.

We had two speakers:  Amanda and Damian.

Damian did his Ice Breaker.  We learned a few things about him, including his adventurous spirit and background.

Amanda encouraged us to become more environmental friendly.  In this world of over consumption, we consume so much that we are deteriorating our environment.  We should think of ways we can reduce, ways we can borrow and ways we can reconsider.  Amanda vividly described how a magnificent beach can turn into a waste pile in just a short period of time.  She also supported with a few shocking statistics.  For example, did you know an average household in Canada house around 30,000 items?

Our Table Topics Master was led by Bob.  He got us to show case several cities in Canada, all with odd names and most which we have never heard of.  John Kjarsgaard was the best promoter.  Congrats John!

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