Recap: October 31

Tonight’s word of the evening was “Spooky!” which was right in theme with Halloween.

Our Toastmaster for the evening James Tran spoke about his trip to Vegas and how you should be cautious who you book your travel guides with.




Our first speaker was Lydia who did a speech on ‘Happy New Year Samh’ explaining to us all about the Celtic Calendar and how to move with the changes of each season.




Our second speaker was Bob who gave us great workshop on how to get what you want in your life. You can have anything you want if you believe that you can. Success is different for everyone. Study the people who have achieved what you want. Examples who are talked about are Bill Gates, Alexander the Great, Tony Robins, Three American Presidents and others. We do not have the same advantages as most of these really successful people who all came from backgrounds who parents access to education and connections to advisors. We do have have one thing in common with these people though. All of these people visualized their futures before doing it. Why is this important you ask, well, watch the video and you can find out the tip you can use to achieve your greatest success in life.

Tonight’s Table Topics Master Olga got everyone to explain an embarrassing story that happened to them.

Thank you to all the participates this evening:  Julie, John K., Amanda, Sarah, Theresa, Josh, Felix, Oren, and Wes.

The winner of Table Topics is John!

John K. & Olga

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