Recap: February 20th Speech & Evaluation Contests for Division 60 Area 26

Everyone who participates in Toastmasters all support the same club mission, however there are some who may not be as familiar with it as others. Our club missions are all pretty much the same with some slight variations on it.

The Basic Toastmaster Mission: We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.

Thanks you to everyone who attended our Area Contest and those who helped with making this event happen. We had a great turnout. There are two parts to this contest: the first half is dedicated to the evaluations of one speaker and the second half of the contest is a competition between individual speeches.

Contest Char: James Tran

Our Contest Chair James Tran kick-started the Evaluation section of the Contest by explaining the rules and introducing our test speaker: John Hallett who gave us his speech named “The Maple Leaf Lottery”. Please watch the video below!

Keep your eyes peeled and we will announce the winners all together!

Thanks you to all the Evaluation Contestants: Felix Reyn, Janet Law, Ryan Bowdridge and Abbas Qureshi.

Felix Reyn
Janet Law
Ryan Bowdridge
Abbas Qureshi

Now that James warmed everyone up with the Evaluations Contest, he moved us all on to the Speech Contest! Once again we reviewed the rules and picked the order of the contestants: Alysa Giebsbrecht Janet Law, Andrew Varden, Amanda Banks, Tracy and Abbas Qureshi.

Here are some of their speeches:

Alysa speech is about her journey in becoming a public speaker. Starting with the challenges of taking off the training wheels from her bike as a child, to driving a car and public speaking as an adult. She has persevered in taking on bigger challenges and turning her ‘I can’t.. to an I can’.

Charlie Brown for president! Are you a Charlie Brown supporter from the Peanuts Comic book? Well you should be and Janet Law tells you why because a leader require the triple H formula: humanity, humility and hardiness. We need more of these kinds of leaders within our communities. Janet has used Charlie Brown to inspire her journey in Toastmasters, her community and encourages you to do the same.

Andrew was on top of the highest mountain in Africa and he thought he was going to die. In reflection of his accomplishment he realized that after he meet his goal that he would just stop. To over come this, he would take another step forward down the mountain. Watch the video and see what goals Andrew has recommitted to.


Amanda speech delivered her speech on how she had to face her fear of travailing by herself internationally. Her opportunity came to travail to Paris France where she she shared three tips on how to travail and get home safely. They are using tools to make your trip easier, research areas you will be in and be flexible. Anything can happen! Watch the video and see what happened to Amanda.


Tracy’s speech was about how she had orchestrated her perfect life and how it hasn’t quite unfolded as planned, even though she has achieved so much: a masters degree, experience with an international company, speaks at least three languages and has good looking partner. She was told by someone ‘you need to be more likable’. Everything looked good on paper and she got done what needed to be done however people stopped wanting to work with her and her good looking partner wasn’t putting a ring on it either. The two area’s in her life she invested into the most was not fulfilling. Taking some time off she came to Canada for a fresh start where she joined Toastmasters and is now becoming the person she really wants to be. She is working on accepting constructive criticism gracefully and her interpersonal skills. Her speech was quite charming.

Listen to Abbas who talks about how he used be into sports and lost his ability to walk. This is his long journey back to being able to walk again. Never give up.

Now for what we all have been waiting for: Who are the Winners of this years Division 60 Area 26 Contest!

Thanks you and congratulations to all the participating in this years contest.

Abbas, Tracy, Alysa, Janet, Amanda, Andrew, Felix, Ryan and Chair: James

The Winners for the Evaluation Contest are: 1st, 2nd and 3rd

Chef Judge: Bob Stewart, Abbas Qureshi, 1st Place Ryan Bowdridge, and Janet Law

The Winners for the Speech Contest are: 1st, 2nd and 3rd

Chef Judge: Bob Stewart, 3rd Place: Andrew Varden, 2nd Place Abbas Qureshi and 1st Place: Janet Law

The Winners of this contest will move on to the next level up, which is the

Division C Evaluations & International Speech Contests

When: Wed. March 20th, 2019

Where: 55 John Street, 3rd Floor (room number TBA)

Time: 6:30pm – 9:00pm

If you still want more and want to see the next level of winners, come to:

District 60 Spring Conference

When: Sat. April 13th to Sun. April 14th, 2019

Where: 3550 Pharmacy Ave. Scarborough, ON

Time: All-day event


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