January Events: Speech & Evaluation Contests

This is a great time a year for guest and members because this is where we get to shine and show off our speaking abilities. If you are not speaking, you can just come watch, meet the speakers and other club members near by. Each club in our area help each other out to chair, judge, count ballet and time. The winners from the Liberty Village Toastmasters (LVTM) will move on the area, division, and district levels. The District speech contest finals during the Annual Conference in April 2019.

The International Speech competition has two additional levels with the potential for contestants to advance to the world stage at Toastmasters International Convention held every August.

Eligibility to Compete:

  • Must be a paid member of a club, area, division or district Toastmaster
  • International speech contest: the member has completed 6 speech projects or two levels in the Toastmasters Pathways learning experience
  • Guests are always welcome to come watch

January Contest Date for LVTM Club:

January 23: Speech & Evaluation Contests

We still have room for competitors for the Speech Contest, and the Evaluation Contest. If you are interested in participating please email: libertyvillage.tm@gmail.com

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Recap: Annual Holiday Party with Liberty Village Toastmasters Club 2018

We had a great night filled with food, laughter,  joy and fun! Keep scrolling down and you will see just how much fun we had!




Ugly Sweater Contest


50 / 50 Draw

End of the Night


This was the agenda for the evening!


Look at all the delicious food everyone brought!
… and we eat!
One of our food highlights was this duck! It looked so nice everyone was afraid to eat it so we  just cut it up and enjoyed
These were delicious macrons made by Marian one of our guests
Sitting here is Lydia, Darlene, Sarah and Amanda
Keven, Sarah, Bob and Janet
Be, Des and Andrew
Amanda and Sarah
Here the party is just getting started!
Amanda, John, Sarah (side head), Olga and James
Amanda, Sarah, Olga and Josh
Lydia, Marian and Lisa
Marian, Lisa and Theresa
…still mingling
Andrew, Sarah, Andrew (grinning), Des and Josh
Some wine, food and some continued good times.
Theresa, John,(a sliver of Kevin) and Des


Debates Host Josh! He did such a great job!
Debate 1: John, Amanda (Josh, Debate chair) Andrew and Marian
Question: Should you celebrate old traditions or make new ones?
Debate 2: Lydia, Janet (Josh, Debate Host), Ali and Be
Question: Is re-wrapping a gift ok?

Ugly Sweater Contest

(sliver of Theresa) Sarah, Amanda, Janet, Bob (Ugly Sweater Host) Dina, Andrew, Olga, Lisa and Des
Amanda,Janet, Bob, Dina, Theresa, Andrew Olga, Lisa and Des
The Trophy!
The desire! and clearly Lisa is the winner of the LVTM Ugly Sweater Contest! She won based on her daughter’s embarrassment as a child for wearing leopard print off-matching patterns and styling her mothers hair with a crazy amount of barrettes  … the day of revenge is here where her mother can now embarrass her daughter with this award!



Games is where we let loose and have some fun pretending. Des was our awesome host guiding us through playing the game of Charaides.

Des (Games Host) Andrew
Des (Games Host) and James (Toasts Host)
Dina playing Charades
Olga (LVTM President)
Sarah (50/50 Raffle Host)
Kevin (Time Keeper)

50 / 50 Draw

This is the 50 /50 draw where we had collected $10 from guests who attended LVTM Holiday Party 2018 to enter into draw. 50% of the proceeds went to the YWCA Woman’s Shelter and 50% went to the winning ticket holder.

The 50/50 ticket collection box
Giant Blank Cheque
Theresa (Organizer) searching for her 50/50 tickets. Sarah (50/50 draw Host)
Theresa picking the winner!
The Winner: Des!
The shock!

…and the close up!
Who doesn’t want a giant cheque!

and satisfaction!

End of the Night

End of the night mingle
Group Picture
Unforgettable LVTM Holiday Party times!
Lastly…silly faces!
Charming party!
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Recap: October 31

Tonight’s word of the evening was “Spooky!” which was right in theme with Halloween.

Our Toastmaster for the evening James Tran spoke about his trip to Vegas and how you should be cautious who you book your travel guides with.




Our first speaker was Lydia who did a speech on ‘Happy New Year Samh’ explaining to us all about the Celtic Calendar and how to move with the changes of each season.




Our second speaker was Bob who gave us great workshop on how to get what you want in your life. You can have anything you want if you believe that you can. Success is different for everyone. Study the people who have achieved what you want. Examples who are talked about are Bill Gates, Alexander the Great, Tony Robins, Three American Presidents and others. We do not have the same advantages as most of these really successful people who all came from backgrounds who parents access to education and connections to advisors. We do have have one thing in common with these people though. All of these people visualized their futures before doing it. Why is this important you ask, well, watch the video and you can find out the tip you can use to achieve your greatest success in life.

Tonight’s Table Topics Master Olga got everyone to explain an embarrassing story that happened to them.

Thank you to all the participates this evening:  Julie, John K., Amanda, Sarah, Theresa, Josh, Felix, Oren, and Wes.

The winner of Table Topics is John!

John K. & Olga

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Annual Holiday Party with Liberty Village Toastmasters Club 2018

Hello Fellow Toastmasters!

It is the Holiday Season once again! We are getting excited to celebrate all our accomplishments and continue on our journey of building up our communication skills.

This year we are having a Potluck! Please RSVP with Theresa (theresa.pinter @ gmail.com) or call   (416)  908 – 8355.   You will receive an email to sign-up and let us know what tasty delights you will be bringing.

We will be eating, socializing and play some games!

Save the date and write it into your calendar. You don’t want to miss this!

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Recap: September 26, 2018

Today’s word of the day was “Enlightened”.

Toastmaster Amanda talked about how having a good attitude towards life can really help when you are having what seems to be a ‘no-good kinda day’.  Amanda told us about her weekend travailing out to Ottawa for a wedding and encountered a storm that knocked out electricity to many buildings. In particular, the building where the wedding she was attending. After relocating to a beautiful mansion they ate finger food tacos and missed the cake because it was left at the old venue. All in all, what seemed to be a series of bad-luck-events ended up being a weekend of laughter and fun with good friends. Amanda believes this was the result of her attitude to laugh at life and just go with it.

Watch the video here:

Tonight we had a great speaker Esra who spoke on how to tell one’s fortune through tea leaves.

Watch the video here:

The TopicsMaster for the evening was hosted by Theresa who engaged the audience with two choices to talk about ‘What happened over your summer holidays?” or “What are you goals and aspirations this fall?”

Table Topics is an opportunity to work on our impromptu speaking and anyone (even guests) can participate .

Thank you to all our contestants who participated:  Josh, Julie, Catto, Heidi, John K., John O., Esra, Bob and Oren.

We had a tie with two Table Topics winners this evening Catto and John K.!

Table Topics Winners: John K. & Catto

Check out what they said to win below!

Catto talked about how she spent her summer in Spain for six weeks where she traveled to Madrid. She found a program that included design and gastronomy focusing on visiting restaurants and markets, such as Micheline Star restaurants where she did not eat! But spoke to the chef’s and architects about the space and design of each restaurant. She also visited a friend in Sicily, travailed to Rioja, Barcelona, Budapest Hungary and Amsterdam Netherlands. What a great trip!

John K. talked about how his summer was turned upside down. He had planned for a nice long vacation with his wife, however life events redirected his summer into a series of small weekend trips. They visited every conservation area and provincial park within a 4 hour drive of Toronto. John’s says, “there was not really one great event of the summer but a million little ones”. To listen the rest watch his winning video here:

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