Recap: October 31

Tonight’s word of the evening was “Spooky!” which was right in theme with Halloween.

Our Toastmaster for the evening James Tran spoke about his trip to Vegas and how you should be cautious who you book your travel guides with.




Our first speaker was Lydia who did a speech on ‘Happy New Year Samh’ explaining to us all about the Celtic Calendar and how to move with the changes of each season.




Our second speaker was Bob who gave us great workshop on how to get what you want in your life. You can have anything you want if you believe that you can. Success is different for everyone. Study the people who have achieved what you want. Examples who are talked about are Bill Gates, Alexander the Great, Tony Robins, Three American Presidents and others. We do not have the same advantages as most of these really successful people who all came from backgrounds who parents access to education and connections to advisors. We do have have one thing in common with these people though. All of these people visualized their futures before doing it. Why is this important you ask, well, watch the video and you can find out the tip you can use to achieve your greatest success in life.

Tonight’s Table Topics Master Olga got everyone to explain an embarrassing story that happened to them.

Thank you to all the participates this evening:  Julie, John K., Amanda, Sarah, Theresa, Josh, Felix, Oren, and Wes.

The winner of Table Topics is John!

John K. & Olga

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Annual Holiday Party with Liberty Village Toastmasters Club 2018

Hello Fellow Toastmasters!

It is the Holiday Season once again! We are getting excited to celebrate all our accomplishments and continue on our journey of building up our communication skills.

This year we are having a Potluck! Please RSVP with Theresa (theresa.pinter @ or call   (416)  908 – 8355.   You will receive an email to sign-up and let us know what tasty delights you will be bringing.

We will be eating, socializing and play some games!

Save the date and write it into your calendar. You don’t want to miss this!

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Recap: September 26, 2018

Today’s word of the day was “Enlightened”.

Toastmaster Amanda talked about how having a good attitude towards life can really help when you are having what seems to be a ‘no-good kinda day’.  Amanda told us about her weekend travailing out to Ottawa for a wedding and encountered a storm that knocked out electricity to many buildings. In particular, the building where the wedding she was attending. After relocating to a beautiful mansion they ate finger food tacos and missed the cake because it was left at the old venue. All in all, what seemed to be a series of bad-luck-events ended up being a weekend of laughter and fun with good friends. Amanda believes this was the result of her attitude to laugh at life and just go with it.

Watch the video here:

Tonight we had a great speaker Esra who spoke on how to tell one’s fortune through tea leaves.

Watch the video here:

The TopicsMaster for the evening was hosted by Theresa who engaged the audience with two choices to talk about ‘What happened over your summer holidays?” or “What are you goals and aspirations this fall?”

Table Topics is an opportunity to work on our impromptu speaking and anyone (even guests) can participate .

Thank you to all our contestants who participated:  Josh, Julie, Catto, Heidi, John K., John O., Esra, Bob and Oren.

We had a tie with two Table Topics winners this evening Catto and John K.!

Table Topics Winners: John K. & Catto

Check out what they said to win below!

Catto talked about how she spent her summer in Spain for six weeks where she traveled to Madrid. She found a program that included design and gastronomy focusing on visiting restaurants and markets, such as Micheline Star restaurants where she did not eat! But spoke to the chef’s and architects about the space and design of each restaurant. She also visited a friend in Sicily, travailed to Rioja, Barcelona, Budapest Hungary and Amsterdam Netherlands. What a great trip!

John K. talked about how his summer was turned upside down. He had planned for a nice long vacation with his wife, however life events redirected his summer into a series of small weekend trips. They visited every conservation area and provincial park within a 4 hour drive of Toronto. John’s says, “there was not really one great event of the summer but a million little ones”. To listen the rest watch his winning video here:

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Recap: August 15, 2018 & Special Speaker: Thomas Bellehchili

We had a lot going on here at Liberty Village Toastmasters this week: an induction, three speakers and Table Topics!

Our special speaker for this evening was Thomas Bellehchili of Paris, France, is one of 10 finalists competing in the World Championship of Public Speaking®️ to be held at the Toastmasters International Convention Saturday, Aug. 25 in Chicago, IL USA.

We had an induction today for Robin Preboy! Welcome!

Club Induction: Robin Preboy

The Toastmaster for this evening was Esera Basol speaking on the dangers of wild fires, how they are caused and how to avoid them.

Our first speaker of the evening was Cam K. who did a speech on ‘And my mentor was…‘. She talked about the mentor-ship program at Liberty Village Toastmasters and how it help her on her journey to becoming a great public speaker but left us with a cliffhanger ending to guess who her mentor was in the club.

The second speech was delivered to us by Bob Stewart ‘Brahmadatta’ a storytelling speech about a folks tale. The takeaway from this speech was that ‘Non-violence is the only way that leads to non-violence’.

Now our third special speaker of the evening was Thomas Bellehchili. Introduced by Jay Roe following his prepared speech for the World Championship of Public Speaking on his trials and errors when dating MiMi.

Table Topics

For the Table Topics session of the meeting was presented by Charnell Bernard using the theme of: ‘Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your going to get!”.

Mike Barlas spoke on ‘Chocolate’


Julie spoke on “Random Acts of Kindness”


Des Codinera spoke on ‘The power of Yes‘.

Jay Roe spoke on being ‘Open to New Possibilities‘.

The winner of Table Topic for the evening was Jay Roe!

Table Topics Winner: Jay Roe


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Recap: Liberty Village Toastmaster Summer Party!

We really did have a great time this year! We ate, announced awards, played games and just got to know one another. Just watch our short trailer:

For those who want to see more about what happened at our Toastmaster 2018 Summer Party here are the pictures and debate recordings of what happened over the course of the night:

Scroll down or click through the post sections:

Fun                                          Games

Food                                        Nonsense Debates

Awards Presentation           Aftermath


…and the shenanigans begin!

The View

Heidi, Be Pham and Olga Sannikov


Be Pham and Olga Sannikov

Andrea and Cam K.

Heather Schultz, Rachel, Des Codinera and Lydia Stouten

Anny Slama, Robyn Preboy, Bob Stewart and Mark Pilkington

The View

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Doesn’t that food look good because it tasted great!


Lentil Salad

Special LVTM Red Velvet Cake

John, Mohammad Amir and Be Pham

Eating and socializing

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Awards Presentation

All the Awards!

Most Enthusiastic Award

Most Enthusiastic: Amanda Banks

Most Improved Award

Most Improved Award: Heather Schultz

Best Evaluator Award

Best Evaluator: John Kjarsqaard

Best Table Topics Award

Best Table Topics Award: Charnell Benard

Best Speaker Sliver Award

Best Speaker Sliver Award: Cam K.

Best Speaker Gold Award

Best Speaker Gold Award: Bob Stewart

Award Presentation


Awards Made by Theresa Pinter

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Games Hosted by Theresa Pinter

Human Rock Paper Scissors

Teams building rock and scissors

Idiom Telephone

Best thing since sliced bread

The grass always looks greener on the the other side of the fence

Can’t judge a book by its cover!

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Nonsense Debates

Is a hotdog a sandwich?

If a fish is submerged in water is it aware that it is wet?

Are spoons useless?

Do penguins have knees?

Debate Series Winners!

Debate Series Participants

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Theresa Pinter and Rachal


Mark Pilkington, Heather Schultz and Des Cordinera

End of the night shenanigans!

End of the Night!

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