Recap: Liberty Village Toastmaster Summer Party!

We really did have a great time this year! We ate, announced awards, played games and just got to know one another. Just watch our short trailer:

For those who want to see more about what happened at our Toastmaster 2018 Summer Party here are the pictures and debate recordings of what happened over the course of the night:

Scroll down or click through the post sections:

Fun                                          Games

Food                                        Nonsense Debates

Awards Presentation           Aftermath


…and the shenanigans begin!

The View

Heidi, Be Pham and Olga Sannikov


Be Pham and Olga Sannikov

Andrea and Cam K.

Heather Schultz, Rachel, Des Codinera and Lydia Stouten

Anny Slama, Robyn Preboy, Bob Stewart and Mark Pilkington

The View

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Doesn’t that food look good because it tasted great!


Lentil Salad

Special LVTM Red Velvet Cake

John, Mohammad Amir and Be Pham

Eating and socializing

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Awards Presentation

All the Awards!

Most Enthusiastic Award

Most Enthusiastic: Amanda Banks

Most Improved Award

Most Improved Award: Heather Schultz

Best Evaluator Award

Best Evaluator: John Kjarsqaard

Best Table Topics Award

Best Table Topics Award: Charnell Benard

Best Speaker Sliver Award

Best Speaker Sliver Award: Cam K.

Best Speaker Gold Award

Best Speaker Gold Award: Bob Stewart

Award Presentation

Awards Presented by Heidi


Awards Made by Theresa Pinter

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Games Hosted by Theresa Pinter

Human Rock Paper Scissors

Teams building rock and scissors

Idiom Telephone

Best thing since sliced bread

The grass always looks greener on the the other side of the fence

Can’t judge a book by its cover!

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Nonsense Debates

Is a hotdog a sandwich?

If a fish is submerged in water is it aware that it is wet?

Are spoons useless?

Do penguins have knees?

Debate Series Winners!

Debate Series Participants

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Theresa Pinter and Rachal


Mark Pilkington, Heather Schultz and Des Cordinera

End of the night shenanigans!

End of the Night!

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Tomorrow! Special Speaker: Thomas Bellehchili finalist @World Championship of Public Speaking in Chicago & previous LVTM Member (Wed, Aug.15,2018)

Thomas Bellehchili

“Toastmasters speech contests are another way to build your confidence, sharpen your skills and speak to many different audiences”, says Thomas Bellehchili. “I am looking forward to competing on a much larger stage in Chicago!”

Thomas Bellehchili of Paris, France, is one of 10 finalists competing in the World Championship of Public Speaking®️ to be held at the Toastmasters International Convention Saturday, Aug. 25 in Chicago, IL USA.

Thomas is coming to visit LVTM Club Tomorrow! Come join us and listen to what he has to say!

          Where: Atrium Condo 650 Queen Quay

          When: Wednesday, August 15, 2018 (Tomorrow!)

Bio: Bellehchili is an entrepreneur, running a startup in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He is also a speaker/trainer. He joined Toastmasters to become a better speaker and leader at work and in the community.

Bellehchili is currently a member of Saigon Toastmasters Club,, in Vietnam.

This is his FB page and this own website

See you all there!

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Liberty Village Toastmasters Summer Party!

If you are a Toastmasters Member you have been invited to Liberty Village Toastmasters Summer Party! Check your email for details!

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Meeting Recap: July 18 2018

Amanda Banks our Toastmaster talked about how to live happily day to day by de-cluttering your life. She watch the documentary on ‘Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things’ which show the live of a couple of individuals who seemingly have everything but were still unhappy. There solution was to get rid of those things in your life that are taking up space, such as getting rid of toxic relationships and watching television passively are just a couple. Amanda’s main point she drove home was to ‘Love people and use things because the opposite never works!’

Toastmaster: Amanda Banks

For our first speaker this evening was Heather Schultz speaking on ‘Leading by Example’. She spoke about different leadership styles. She started with the one she already possesses as a Pacesetter. Pacesetting leaders set very high performance standards for themselves and others, and exemplify the behavior they are seeking from others. Heather gained these skills by volunteering at the SPCA by interviewing new pet owners. She has also realized that the Democratic leadership styles would be a useful knowledge have as well. The Democratic leadership style is when members of the group take a more participative role in the decision-making process. She is not a force to be reckoned with when she is on her way to achieving her next leadership goals.

Speaker: Heather Schultz

Our second speaker for the evening was Des Codinera  who gave a very inspiring speech on ‘If not now, when?’ Even though this speech took him three years to do he finally ran out of excuses and stopped getting in his own way to achieve his goal in giving a speak that is structured. He receive inspiration over this last year by watching other club members improve with each speech delivered. Des is determined to stay true, to do what is needed and face his fears of prepared speeches. This is the time to take action and Des did it!

Speaker: Des Codinera

We also had a great Table Topics session hosted by Bob Stewart. Tonight’s topic was on ‘what if all the humans died and you had to pick what kind of animal you reincarnated into. What would you be?’ Our Table Topics winner was Heidi Vandermeer for choosing to be a bacteria that eats plastic!

Table Topics Master: Bob Stewart & Table Topics Winner: Heidi Vandermeer

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Summer 2018 update

What a year we’ve had!

Added many new members, welcomed countless guests, and we’re proud to announce that for another consecutive year, our Toastmasters club has attained a “Distinguished” status for adding new members and having existing members complete goals for beginner and advanced speeches.

As of July 1, we’d like to congratulate the elections of our NEW executive team, and congratulate one of our members (Bob) moving on to become a Toastmasters Area Manager.

See the photos below of our new executive team, and highlights from some of our Table Topics winners during the past few months.

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