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Another aspect of Liberty Village Toastmasters that makes it one of the premier public-speaking groups in Toronto is the quality and diversity of the speeches you’ll hear. Below are videos of a few of our speeches, workshops, and Table Topics sessions. To view the entire collection, be sure to visit our YouTube Channel.


“To Speak or Not to Speak”

Clem presents his Icebreaker speech in which he describes how our past is our foundation, our present gives us opportunities, and our future is our goals. Each one prepares us for the other.

Correction to the quote by, Robert Louis Stevenson “You cannot run away from weakness; you must some time fight it out or perish; and if that be so, why not now, and where you stand?”


“Should Fighting Sports Be Banned?” Table Topics Debate

Watch the impromptu debate unfold as our speakers argue both sides of the question: “Should Fighting Sports Be Banned?”

Click here to view this Table Topics session on YouTube.


“Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking” Workshop by Jay

Jay offers a practical guide to conquering your fear of public speaking in his workshop, presented at one of the club’s Open House Events.

Click here and here to view both parts of Jay’s Workshop on YouTube.


“Oranges, Lettuce, Milk, and…” by Navita

Navita teaches us to use the power of association and the Journey Method as a handy way to remember that pesky list of items on your grocery list…

Click here to view Navita’s speech on YouTube.


“The Silence Between Two Thoughts” by John Kj

John gives a thought-provoking speech on how we can search for those sudden moments of inspiration and realization and use them to broaden our view of the world.

Click here to view John’s speech on YouTube.

During the speech, John deciphers the meaning behind a painting called “La Mulata” – to view the painting, click here.


“When a Man Loves a Woman” Monologue by Priya

In this riveting monologue taken from the 1994 film “When a Man Loves a Woman,” Priya gives a startling performance as Alice, a woman who comes to terms with her demons at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

Click here to view Priya’s speech on YouTube.


“Chain Storytelling” Table Topics Session

Watch with fear as Andreea, Arvind, Simon, and Bing combine forces to tell a chilling, impromptu tale with a very unexpected ending.

Click here to view this Table Topics session on YouTube.


“The Comfort Zone” by Jay

Jay gives an inspiring speech that completes his Competent Communicator Manual #10 and officially makes him an Advanced Speaker at the club.

Click here to view Jay’s speech on YouTube.

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