Trick or Treat? — October 28 Meeting Recap

Edwin Oct 28

Are you ready for Halloween?

Edwin made sure we all were with his Toastmaster’s speech, which spooked us with everything from the origins of All Hallows’ Eve to his plans for Oct. 31st. Plus, he brought candy!

Maxim tricked us with his three “Rules of Happiness”, putting an inspirational spin on our problems, posture, and fears, while James’ workshop on hosting a meeting was surely a treat — just ask Maxim, who wore a Toastmaster’s costume as he re-enacted the role’s main tasks.

Finally, Rose’s Table Topics session was ghoulishly good, as we were each paired with a Halloween character for an Oct. 31 dinner date. We heard about leprechauns, vampires, and even aliens, but it was our guest Emilio who got the final treat, winning it all with his date with a mummy. Boo!


Maxim Oct 28

James Oct 28

TT Oct 28

Emilio Oct 28


NEXT WEEK: We’ll cover BMV — the Fundamentals of Public Speaking — while welcoming guest speaker Charmaine and our new Area 27 Governor, Sandra. Be there!

For more info on attending our next meeting as a guest, click here.

See you on November 4!

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