Being Authentic – February 22 Meeting Recap

Just be yourself.  We hear this often but it is so contradicting when everyone else is telling we should be this and that.  First time toastmaster Bina spoke about being authentic.  It takes courage to keep it real but the pay off is huge.  Bina encouraged us to free ourselves and live the way we want to live and be who we want to be. Ultimately, it is our life we’re talking about here.

Thanks Bina for this advice.  Part of Toastmaster is help us develop ourselves and release our true voice, our inner selves.

We had 3 speakers, all working on different manuals.

Ice breaker Camila delivered a speech on persistent.  It is never too late as Camila demonstrated again and again.   To list a few, she picked up Chinese, dancing skills and learn to bike in her 20’s.   Now she’s tackling public speaking. It is never too late to do what you want to do.

Second speaker Jueun, delivered her project on speaking to inform.  We learned that addiction is likely genetic but expressed when activated by our environment. This means our parents gave us our genes, but we do have the power to turn it on or keep it off.  Knowing this, let’s surround ourselves with good friends like our toastmaster members (is there such thing as being addicted to public speaking? Well at least most people still live after speaking in public).

Bring portable memory to life.  James persuaded Maria to buy a SD for 19.99! It was definitely a steal with all the list of benefits James spoke about.  On top of it, it comes with an adapter. If you’re looking for more storage, ask James and see if he can get a deal at Hole Puncher.

We ended our meeting with a tabletopics session, which was held by our assistant VP of Education/secretary, Maria.   Congrats Alex for winning tabletopics with her magical pen.  All in all, we were just keeping it real, having fun while refining ourselves.

Next meeting is our Area contest!  4 – 5 clubs competing for the Area title.  Come see the top speakers and evaluators from each club.   Mark and John will be representing our club!




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