Change – February 17’s Meeting Recap

Most people do the same things over and over again, but expect different results. Toastmaster Bob reminded us that things will not change unless you do.  If you want things in your life to change, you need to change things in your life.

Why not start by complaining less?  Sarah learned that her complaining habit is changing her for the worst.  She is now aiming to complain less and finding herself much happier.   Who knew that it would be simple to be happy.  Simple, but maybe not so easy!  Try it for 30 days.  We dare you.  (Why can’t others complain less.. hey! 30 day starts now)

We can go a step further (or rather steps further) to love more and judge less.  Mireille gave us her part 2 of this life changing practice.  Focusing on strengths rather than weaknesses? Responding to hatred with love.  This is deep stuff here.  Just the thought of it is changing us already.
All this sounds difficult to do, or is it?  It is all in your imagination as James would say.  Make your imagination help you go towards your goal not away from it.

Thanks to our tabletopics master Camila, the theme change was incorporated in our tabletopics.  Congratulations our guest Andre for winning the table topics session!

Carrying out speakers’ advice can definitely change our lives and those around us.

And If Gandhi was here, he would be whispering to us, be the change you want to see in this world.  Are you ready to be that change?




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