Celebrating Differences – April 12 Meeting Recap

I say zee, and you zed.  Toastmaster Cara noted a few differences between Americans (including her) and Canadians.  Although there are differences in our language, and behaviours, we are more similar than we think.  And, remember what unite us is far more greater than what divide us.

With such diversity in our club, we certainly have lots to celebrate about.  This week is no exception.

Continuing our active schedule, we had an induction.  We welcomed our newest member, Catarina!

We had 3 speakers:  Alex, Sarah and James.

Alex spoke about having engaged employees. It is time for companies to stop wasting money in snack bars and ping pong tables and start investing in something that matters.  GROW employees in a way that will improve the individuals and companies they work for.  This will make companies more productive and successful.

Sounds like it is also time for spring cleaning.  After realizing that she has so many things, Sarah decided to declutter.  She shared us her experience of decluttering.  From it all, she learned that less is more.  She has gained back space, money and most importantly, her freedom.

While in the topic of decluttering, why not get rid of our cars? James persuaded us to stop parking cars in the busy streets.  Share a car, rent one, or choose an alternative transportation.  But don’t just park our cars in the already congested streets.  There is no such as thing as free parking!


Catarina led our tabletopics based on the theme of celebrating our differences.  It was Olga who won the table topics session. Congratulation Olga!


As Alex would say, wow deserves wow.  This meeting was full of wows in many ways.  This is because of our wow-derful and enaged members.  So lucky to be part of this club.

Next week, Sarah will be leading the meeting with 3 speakers.

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