Unique Me! – April 19, 2017 Meeting Recap

With online networking being so prevalent these days, it is so easy for us to be immersed in other people’s profiles. Sometimes, however, we can fall in the trap of comparing ourselves with these posted profile, usually our worst side to other’s best.  Toastmaster Sarah reminded us that we are all unique individuals, and measuring ourselves others with others can be unfulfilling and even deadly.  She gave us an example of  humming birds, all died after competing to built the biggest nests.  Her message is  we should live our lives based on our unique selves, not in relative to others.  As she would say, you are the unique you! Celebrate it.


This week, we also heard from our new member, Amanda, presenting her first speech.  Her story was vividly described.  There were memorable phrases and metaphors used, including the 2 millimeters of toilet paper to demonstrate the relative scale of human history (versus 200 sheets), and her being seen as a highlighter.  With her confident,  well equipped vocabulary and sense of humour, she certainly stands out!


Our second speaker James presented one of his persuasive projects, which challenged him to sell an expensive product within the allotted time. Even at the hefty price of $650, he persuaded to one of our members to purchase the Blendtec.   How did he do that?  Maybe it was the list of benefits he provided? Or his 30 day no money down policy?  Either way, we are worried for our wallet as we wonder.. what will he sell us next?


Continuing with our theme, Table Topics Master Megan asked us questions about providing tips to our young selves.  Catarina got our vote for her life lesson. Congrats Catarina!


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