Do You Know What You Want? May 24th Meeting Recap

Success starts with knowing what you want, but most people do not know what they want.  Fortunately, we have Toastmaster Bob here to remind us that we do not need to be one of those people.  He gave us a simple assignment to do, which is write down what we want.  Write down every little detail. including the spouse you want to be with, the house you want to own, and person you want to become. Write it all down! We know, most people won’t do this, but the successful ones will.  Are you one of them?

We then had two speakers: Theresa and Luke, each tackling on a different project.

Theresa did her Icebreaker. She told us a story of how she learned about Toastmaster.  While bumming around,  contemplating on what she wanted to do with her life, she met someone who opened her eyes. He was a confident go-getter, and a Toastmaster member.  She realized she too can change her life around, and become quite an achiever herself.  Now she plans to go on this Toastmaster journey to further develop herself.  It sounds like she’s been writing down her goals.

Luke did his body language speech project on his red Toyota.  After 11 years, 250,000 km, and many memorable experiences, Luke had to let go of his car. It was a sad story (well not really).  Good journeys, camping trips… and a speech, his car has brought him very far, but it is time to say good bye.

Our table topic session was held by Heidi, and won by Camila.  Congrats Camila!


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