Perfect Moments – May 31 Meeting Recap

Have you ever had a moment where everything was just so perfect? This rarely happens but instead of waiting for it to happen, Toastmaster John encouraged us to make it happen. He referenced, the movie Amelia, where the star decided to make perfect moments for others.

John also gave a real life story example of a 9 year boy named Caine, who spent his whole summer waiting for customers to play at his cardboard arcade.  Caine’s dream become a reality when his first customer organized a flash mob and recruited 100+ more customers.

This week, we had two ice breakers: Catarina and Laurent.

Like a true gemini, Caterina has a personality with contrasting attributes.  Her personality is significantly influenced by her contrasting experiences, where she grew up living with several different families with different lifestyles.  Whistler, Tokyo, Germany, Calgary, China and Toronto, she has it all in her.  Now, she’s back in Toronto, and plans to blend her experiences and skills to create something from it.  Knowing her, it would be something brilliant!

Laurent, who was once a Real Estate agent, shared us a personal story of himself and his obstacles. From it all, he learned to rise above it.  He now reads a lot more and is more ambitious than ever before.  His obstacles helped to shape the person he is right now. Although he knows that he still has a few more molding to do, he is faithful that his obstacles will lead the way.

Tabletopic session was led by Louise with Andre winning the ribbon.  Congrats Andre!

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