Summer is coming! June 7th Meeting Recap

Are you ready for the summer?  Before you plunge into the summer, Toastmaster Olga warned us to get some swimming lessons.  Don’t ruin your summer or life just because you don’t know how to swim.

We had two speakers, Andre and Louise.

It was Andre‘s first speech.  We got to learn where he came from and what he hopes to achieve from Toastmaster. He was sent away to live with his aunt and uncle at a very young age, hence he became very self reliant.  Through his independence, he has learned that his life is fully under his control. While most people are still indecisive with their life, Andre knows what he wants and not want (i.e. career in Mechanical Engineer).

When was the last time you visited the Royal Ontario museum? Our second speaker, Louise, spoke about how ‘problems become opportunities when the right people come together’.  She told us about the 2 blue whales that died and were washed ashore on New Foundland and Labrador.  Just like what her project demanded, she described the story very vividly, as if we were there, waiting in muck and slashing away the blubber.  Certainly, most of us would not volunteer to do such thing but we are now enticed to go the ROM to learn more about this fascinating blue whale species.

Love it or hate? Sarah told us to hate it in our table topics session. Andrew won with his passion or rather hatred against Iced Cappuccino.


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