Meeting Summary – March 14th, 2012

Written by Maria Lalla

Toastmaster Bing led the meeting this evening with the theme – “A Day in the Grand Bazaar” related to her recent trip to Turkey. Bing Informed and entertained members with her story on bartering techniques when dealing with vendors and their 5 step negotiation process. The vendors attempt many different strategies to pull you in and purchase products which can be overwhelming at first. Although as Bing indicated if you hold your firm ground about paying a lower price, and don’t give into their tactics you eventually will land a great deal. As toastmasters we understand how to plan and deliver our thoughts appropriately for audiences. So in turn when we find ourselves in negotiation situations, this learned skill provides the confidence to organize your thoughts on the spot and to achieve the outcome you desire.

First Speaker: Albert Ho
Title: Our Healthcare System is Dying

Albert provided an insightful look into the healthcare system as it stands today in Canada. The private clinic options that are available for Canadians now and the cost of such services. If you have the financial ability to pay for special services, often times those patients are looked after over others that may not be financially able to. Albert really gave the audience a touchy topic to think about in terms of how do we feel about this sort of treatment and what does this mean to the future of our healthcare system.

Second Speaker: Arvind
Title: Long Road Ahead

Arvind delivered a bad news speech with tact to a company regarding it’s financial situation and cutbacks to all employees. Delivering bad news especially in tough economic times is probably the most difficult part for any managers job. It’s never an easy situation to approach but necessary, as Arvind pointed out. Noone likes having the painful conversation but being able to deliver bad news that treats employees fairly, will help ensure they still respect your leadership.

Points to take away when delivering bad news-
1- Don’t avoid the bad news
2- Be clear and direct
3- Take ownership of the problem – telling people what the situation is
4- Think of timing and when you deliver the message

Third Speaker: Ram Krishna
Title: Ooo…oooh-what a close shave! Could it be a gift of life?

Ram one of our very distinguished speakers gave an entertaining demonstration speech about a shaving mirror. On a recent business trip Ram had an unforgettable experience with a shaving mirror. Ultimately leading him to express to his wife how he would love one for himself. As a result when his wife purchased one from Ikea he had his doubts on it being the correct mirror and if it met his requirements. Through his careful demonstration of the mirror we all realized how it definitely was “The Best a Man Can Get!”

Table Topics by Esther

The speeches where followed by a table topics session lead by Esther. Esther provided a variety of words to challenge table topic speakers ability to think on the spot. Table topics winner was Julian who delivered a comedic speech. Thank you to all who participated!

The meeting was concluded with a great evaluation session including weekly reports on grammar, filler words, Michelle’s quizmaster questions regarding the content of presentations and meeting timing. Overall beneficial evaluations were delivered by Francisco, Luke and John Kris. which focused on encouraging the speakers and offering advice for future improvement.

Welcome to returning guests as well as new guests we had come out this evening. We look forward to seeing you again soon. Great turn out as always!!

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