Creativity – November 16, 2017 Meeting Recap

Toastmaster Maria led a meeting filled with creativity!  She encouraged us to take action, whenever we feel ‘stuck’.  Developing a skill or achieving any goal is not a linear process.  For example, the best way to cure a writer’s block is just to write.  Eventually, your ideas will transform into a great work.

We then heard from James, who gave a persuasive speech on the habit loop.  He simplified the habit process in 3 parts: cue, routine and rewards.   Once you understand the process, you can develop or break any habit!

Our debate chair, Wes held another entertaining episode of debates. And of course, we ended the meeting with a tabletopic session, which was held by James.  This time, we had a three way tie!

Congrats Bob, Jill and our guest Jueun!



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